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Margaret Speaks

Keynote Speaking from Margaret Graziano

Margaret Graziano is a torchbearer in the staffing and recruitment industries. Her visionary ability, astute knowledge of full life cycle talent management, and her tenure in the field positions her far ahead of the human capital innovation curve. In the early 2000′s Graziano shifted her mindset from “recruiter working to make a placements” to “consultant committed to building extraordinary workforces.” She added a talent management division to KeenHire, created Conscious Hiring™, and significantly invested in her own personal and professional development. She utilizes her certifications in organizational development, behavioral interviewing, psychometric assessment usage, role analysis and employee retention to create curriculum and programs that elevate KeenHire’s ability to hire and retain the right people for their customers.

Margaret speaks on a number of current and pressing issues relative to hiring, leadership, retention, and selection in the professional world. Now more than ever it has become an absolute necessity to gain and utilize valuable industry knowledge. Through countless hours of research, education and experience, Margaret brings her unique point of view and deep industry background to you. As for specialties – well – she has many. Take a look:

  1. Talent Strategy 3.0

  2. 21st Century Leadership

  3. Conscious Hiring™

  4. Employee Retention

  5. Hiring Better Salespeople

  6. Organizational Development

  7. Maximizing Your Effectiveness

  8. Strategic Planning

  9. Succession Planning

  10. Recruitment Process Outsourcing Download More Information!

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