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KeenHire’s Assessments

Pre-Employment Assessment


  1. Pre Screener

  2. Mental Acuity

  3. The Big 5 Personality

  4. 20 minutes to complete

  5. Average Cost 25.00-40.00 based on volume

  6. Annual Subscription available based on volume (unlimited usage)

Mid-level Position Employee Assessments

Personal Interests, Values and Motivators

  1. Excellent Prelim assessment for key roles (e.g., Sales)

  2. Six Key Motivators (e.g., social, individualistic, utilitarian)

  3. 10 minutes to complete

  4. $85 per assessment

Personal Skills and Competencies

  1. Excellent for hiring, on-boarding, and coaching

  2. 64 skills and emotional intelligence (e.g., resiliency, self-starter, goal orientation, empathetic outlook, interpersonal skills, personal accountability)

  3. Identify basic strengths and weaknesses within the candidate’s skills

  4. Customized Options for Sales, Customer Service and Executive positions

  5. 10 minutes to complete

  6. Between $120 – $180.00 per assessment depending on volume

The Job Fit

  1. Excellent for hiring, on-boarding, coaching and career development

  2. 6 Mental Acuities

  3. 10 Personality Factors

  4. Standardized Benchmarks for 100s of positions (e.g., sales, finance, technology, human resources, management, executive)

  5. 1 hour to complete

  6. Between $175-$195 per assessment depending on volume

Executive Level, Leadership & Developmental Assessments

The Innermetrix

  1. Hiring, Development, Leadership, 360, RX program

  2. Most comprehensive

  3. Competencies, Behaviors, Values, Emotional Intelligence

  4. 40 minutes to complete

  5. Approx $365- $450 per assessment

The DiSC

  1. Not a hiring tool! Used for on-boarding, communication and team building

  2. 4 Quadrants of Personality

  3. Communication Style, Work Style preferences and Job Fit

  4. 10 minutes to complete

  5. Approx $62.50 -78.00 per assessment depending on volume and type of report

Not sure what assessment tool is right for you. Learn about selecting the right assessment tool by using our Employee Assessment Consulting Services. Or contact KeenHire to discuss your hiring and performance assessment needs at 888-533-6447.


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