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Hiring in “The Office”

As many of us have experienced, hiring a new manager can be tough; especially if they have big shoes to fill. For any hiring team, the selection process can be long, drawn out, and even destructive if you don’t have a cemented hiring process. You’d might as well throw the names in a hat and just choose, right? Wrong.

One of the United States’ most popular shows, “The Office,” is going through the same thing. From their finale episode entitled “Search Committee,” we can see that they have a tough road ahead of them and have been stuck with some finicky candidates. Unfortunately for the committee, Dunder Mifflin has experienced two of the wackiest leaders in the business in Michael Scott and DeAngelo Vickers (Michael Scott & Will Ferrell), and has to keep their employees happy.

A proper hiring process will take their senior-level employees and value their opinion to help make the smartest possible decision for new Regional Manager. With a little help from behavioral interviewing, they will weed out the bad eggs, and even shine light on similarities between a new hire and a previous success. If there’s one thing for sure, “The Office” needs to rethink their hiring process and take action towards fulfilling the position at hand.

As we can see in the clip below, this is going to be a long hiring process and a tough decision. Not the kind of tough decision that’s choosing between proven successes, but rather a decision that is hinged upon putting the right person in the role of Regional Manager at Dunder Mifflin.


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