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COVID-19 & Measuring Productivity in the Hybrid Workplace

Today, employees and employers perform duties remotely and manage tasks within cloud based platforms and virtual environments. Throughout the pandemic, we have changed – we have evolved. We know for certain that our new normal is also evolving. We are now faced with finding new avenues to progress in these rapidly changing times. To continue to progress thorough COVID-19 restrictions, we must determine how we can continue measuring productivity in the hybrid workplace.

But how can we measure progress when our prior tools of engagement will no longer suffice; they no longer fit within our current hybrid workplace models or economic climate?

Momentum Remote Teams

With COVID-19 statistics on the rise again, what tools can we utilize to measure productivity in the hybrid workplace,

to ensure our survival?

Will we rely on employee self-management or will we push heavy structure and micro-management? Or do we, as employers and employees understand where the tipping point is while leading teams to reach their potential?

The formula is known: If, as employers we are too rigid, creativity and innovation will be stifled. On the other hand, if we are too loose, our employees become less productive, harming the company’s overall success.

We are shifting to a new mindset – a culture change that has grown from inspiration through world-wide change. Business culture is evolving into a thriving hybrid workplace system, encouraging our teams to lead. And to continue to do so, we must measure our productivity and most importantly evolve into a results based culture, demonstrating instrumental communication effectiveness.

How can we implement a true “hybrid workplace” whereby employee performance & accountability are balanced with the appropriate boundaries and structure? The answer is through KeenAlignment’s Leadership Survival Series.

In this 10 session Leadership Training Program facilitated by a team of highly effective leadership trainers and coaches, you gain the know-how in leading through uncertain times and produce immediate results moving forward.

Your culture needs to be restored, your emerging leaders need the know-how to step up successfully, and you need to learn to lead your people by establishing trust, accountability, and empathy.

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For more information about Leadership Survival Series, a leadership development training program designed to guide leaders thrive during and after COVID-19 – visit our website at


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