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Conscious Hiring – NOW Available To Everyone!

For over five years I have been working to perfect the Conscious Hiring process. What started as a 26 step job requisition, candidate vetting and matching process is now an online and available anytime to anyone SaaS product.

How & Why Conscious Hiring was Invented

It was November of 1999 and my business was suddenly a little slow to say the least. My curious nature brought me to call my customers and question if there was something my staffing company did or failed to do. Well, soon after those phone calls I learned two things, Y2K was a farce and temporarily inflated our business and that back then, Alliance HR Network had something very special that I needed to exploit and expand on.

What my marketing team and I learned is that the reason companies used our services and continued to come back was our innate ability to sort through who was a fit and who was not. The follow up comments all lead to one conclusion, “bottle the vetting and matching process” and sell it to us for a reasonble price and we will always have business for you. We were told over and over again by seasoned Hiring Managers and VPs of HR, “Whether or not we want to pay an agency fee to find us people we will use the matching process for hiring, deploying, succession planning, employee development and internal promotion”.

So it has been 14 years of placing thousands of candidates at hundreds of companies, and the experience has been career altering. Both Stephanie Marberry and I have learned many lessons a long the way. Over the years, we have iterated the process mulitple times, through automation, deploying new assessments, the deployment of our own proprietary behavioral interviewing software and ultimately the sale of the KeenHire brand to Jake Knows. Our 26 steps have been condensed to seven powerful steps and now through stellar automation, it is now two core steps.

What is Conscious Hiring

Consious Hiring is a hiring process created, vetted and proven by a team of Talent Acquisition, I/O Psychologists and Performance Management professionals. It brings the TOP five matches together through three dimensional matching and 204 points of compatibility.


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