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Conscious Hiring™

The Strategic Approach to Hiring the Right People.

More than any other period in history, hiring the right person for any key role has become increasingly important for building, growing, and scaling a successful company. There is no magic “talent pool” to drop your line into that’s going to allow you to put the perfect person in that chair. There are simply too many bottom-feeders disguised as trophy-winners. That is, unless you’re using the Conscious Hiring™ process.

With the majority of the business world seriously reevaluating old, stale recruitment and hiring practices, it is our mission to help growing companies scale for success and profitability. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and 30+ years of industry knowledge, our unique approach filters the waste and delivers hiring authorities only top talent matching the requirements for each position, your corporate culture, and motivators of success. Conscious Hiring™ is the single most effective way to hire for mission-critical positions.

What is Conscious Hiring™?

Conscious Hiring™ is a scientific, proven, and defensible hiring process that helps growing organizations place the right people in key contributor roles. Our Conscious Hiring™ certified Career Agents join forces with your firm’s management team to implement strategically designed candidate sourcing and selection systems based on each role and those who have been successful in it. After analyzing the role, crafting the performance based job description (CPR) and benchmarking skills and competencies with the role’s direct superiors, our Career Agents begin to market, source, and direct recruit to produce a steady stream of qualified candidates. Then the fun starts…

As candidates begin to enter the Conscious Hiring™ process, our technologies and tools are utilized to screen candidates to determine if they are properly skilled and knowledgeable to join your team, and they are motivated and equipped for success. As candidates move through the Conscious Hiring™ process, strategically selected psychometric and behavioral assessments are utilized to make sure we’re not only pushing forward the most qualified, but also those scientifically probable to succeed. Unlike the results from traditional hiring strategies, the candidates that our Career Agents source are thoroughly vetted without your team losing a step. The goal is to relieve the hiring burden from your firm to allow you to focus on business development while the Conscious Hiring™ process works to present you with 2-3 qualified finalists for the position.

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