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Connection – A Message from Our Founder

March 2020 will forever live in all of our memories as a game changer.

Much of what we have taken for granted, learned to rely on and assumed will be at our fingertips will never quite look or feel the same. The beauty of a crisis is that it stretches us to be who we have always wanted to be and it teaches us that we already are that person.

You may be in several places about the Corona Virus. You could be joyful that you finally have time to finish your book, or get to really know your kids. You could be eager to explore new possibilities for working remotely, delivering services or contributing to humanity in new ways. You may be partnering with your leadership team and your workforce to navigate the new normal or you may be on the front lines solving this problem, caring for the ill, or serving those who do.

You may be unclear what to do next and yet full of conviction that you will be part of the solution. You could be angry or frustrated and wondering how and why the United States government and the CDC could let this happen. You could be paralyzed by fear, concerned about everyone you know. You could be afraid you will run out of food and toilet paper. You could also be in the place where you feel a deep sense of hopelessness, about your health, the health of everyone you know and your ability to recover financially from this.

Wherever you are emotionally, the choice is yours to entertain that mindset as long as you wish.

I speak often about BeAbove’s 7 Levels of Individual, Group and Organizational Effectiveness.

Personally, I’ve been up and down these levels 10 times a day. I have been completely consumed by fear of a 1930’s type of depression and completely at ease with the thought of a recalibration for mankind.

When I stand in courage and I am fully grounded in my highest level of wisdom. One thing I know for sure is COVID-19 is here and it promises to change the way we work, live, relate, invest, trust, assume, question and move about our neighborhood.

And still, I know I can handle anything that comes my way and so can you. To make sure I do not dwell in the ineffective emotions for long, I pick up the phone and reach out to family, friends, colleagues, customers and associates. Connection for me is one of the actions that grounds me into the reality of what is so with me, with those around me and with the world.

Your response to the pandemic determines your effectiveness in navigating it’s impacts. My wish for you is that you spend a little time every day connecting to your self, and where you are at on the ladder of consciousness and then do one thing for you that grounds you, whether it is meditation, reading, Yoga, journaling, praying, talking to a friend, or writing a story. COVID-19 is a big deal and it is really valuable for all of us to check in with our selves and be aware of where we are. Our thoughts create our reality.

I am here to support you in whatever way I can. Please reach out to me directly at

With gratitude,

Magi Graziano

Here’s a list of resources to further support you:

What We’re Doing Free Response Agility Webinar – Give yourself the tools needed to lead in times of crisis. Converting Uncertainty to UnderstandingA free pandemic planning course from our colleagues at Success Performance Principles Supporting Our Women Leaders – We wholeheartedly echo Julie’s message. Cultivating a High-Performance Culture – Our free 21 day video series is packed with resources to support companies in shaping a productive culture amidst turbulent times.


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