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Benchmarking & Role Analysis

KeenHire offers Key Contributor and Mission Critical

Benchmarking and Role Analysis Consulting

Benchmarking and Role Analysis are the key steps most often missed when a company starts a search for their next hire. The problem is that most companies are in such a hurry to hire or fill an empty seat that they do not take the time to do the job right from the beginning. It is essential to establish the job expectations and who the candidate needs to be in order to meet or exceed these expectations. When you begin with the end in mind, you do a better job of hiring, on boarding and retaining the right people. Benchmarking and role analysis helps clarify what “Right” looks like and what it means to “Win” in the role.


Creating a benchmark for hiring involves a thorough assessment of your high performing key contributors and next level leaders. Analyzing what makes these peak performers tick and what competencies, values and behaviors lead them to success is paramount to maximizing your effectiveness and growing your organization with the best talent.

How does benchmarking work?

KeenHire gathers several data points to create a benchmark of what a peak performer looks like. These data points come from 360 degree feedback surveys, behavioral interviews, employee assessments, and any relevant performance data. The benchmarking process ensures you are hiring the candidate with right “DNA” to get your company where it needs to go. Benchmarking enables you to match candidates during the selection process to identify who has the competencies, values and behaviors to be a top performer in the position.


Role analysis is a process that helps you analyze and assess the real needs in the role, department and company. If your company is seeking a highly productive environment, where everyone is committed to the same goals, you must learn to hire right by beginning with the end in mind. When defining the role, you are setting clear expectations of what the position requires and how performance is measured.

What does the role analysis process involve?

Role analysis begins with looking at the corporate strategy and being very clear on how this role helps the company achieve its corporate objectives. Some key questions that we ask you and your management team during the role analysis process include:

  1. What are the non-negotiable operating standards that must be met for you to maintain your reputation, remain profitable and continue to deliver a high-quality service to our customers?

  2. What are the smart objectives, or Key Performance Indicators, required for success in the role?

  3. What are the day-to-day big-picture activities or core functions that this person needs to fully engage in to effectively achieve these objectives in the time frames you expect?

Once you have this knowledge, then it is time to determine who they need to be, naturally and without coaching, to accomplish these objectives. During the role analysis we help you define the selection criteria (e.g., hard skills, soft skills, education, experience, behaviors, values) that are required to meet the job expectations and implement the Conscious Hiring™ process. If you’re ready conduct a role analysis for your next open position, bring in one of KeenHire’s skilled employee selection consultants to help you get started. Our team can work with you using KeenView™, KeenHire’s proprietary online top grading and behavioral interviewing and role benchmarking program.

For more information about KeenHire’s role analysis or benchmarking expertise,contact KeenHire today at 888-533-6447.


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