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Behavioral Interview Training & Certification

About the Program

This virtual program has been HRCI approved for 16 credits (16 hours)

The KeenHire™ Behavioral Interviewing Certification empowers corporate hiring authorities and managers to delve deep into the process and experience the impact that effective targeted selection and behavioral interviewing has on a companies’ ability to secure and retain top talent.

Join us for this provocative, insightful and fun program that encompasses every aspect of targeted selection and behavioral interviewing.

Let’s face it; in the world right now, your internal talent is one of your only competitive advantages. For your company to sustain its growth and be a leader in industry it is critical that you hire difference markers who have the capacity to achieve the companies’ goals and objectives.

Course Objectives

  1. Develop a fundamental understanding and appreciation for why most bad hiring decisions are made in the first ten minutes of the interview.

  2. Learn the foundation behind behavioral and value based interviewing and why it is so important to utilize this diligent process when bringing on new people.

  3. Gain faculty in uncovering the key performance indicators for each role.

  4. Delve into all facets of what drives peak performance -motivations, ways of being, ways of thinking, and modes of interacting.

  5. Gain prowess in creating behavioral interviewing models that target the right fit.

  6. Certification in behavioral based interviewing which includes; benchmarking, behavioral selection and behavioral interpretation.


16 hours of training, training manual, PowerPoint handouts, cost of mis-hire formula, behavioral checklists, key role benchmark and 90 day subscription to KeenView. more info


16 hours of training, training manual, PowerPoint handouts, cost of mis-hire formula, behavioral checklists, key role benchmark and 90 day subscription to KeenView more info

  1. 6 sessions of audited interviews

  2. Certification exam

To Register: email Darlene Huff at or call 1-833-226-6679 or 250-732-8783

You can also schedule a meeting here.

Course Schedule

Session1: Course Overview & Purpose of Competency Based Interviewing Understand what competency based interviewing can do for your business and how it differs from a structured interview. See the value it can add in scientifically identifying the best candidate based on the position. Get an overview of KeenHire’s approach to developing the interview on our own proprietary software system.

Session 2: Understanding KeenHire’s Competencies Learn about 25 different behaviors through movie clips that will help solidify your knowledge to identify the competency within live scenarios. Work through examples by role playing each behavior with your peers. Walk away with a clear understanding of each competency to quickly identify them in the next candidate you interview.

Session 3: Role Analysis What does the candidate have to produce? What does the candidate have to do? Who does the candidate need to be? We walk you through a step by step process in evaluating the needs/requirements for the position and the company. Learn how to facilitate a live conversation that will help you focus in on the role and be clear in your expectations from the start. Walking through a real life example we will show you how to write your key performance indicators through smart goals and conduct a task analysis.

Session 4: Benchmarking Finish defining the role by identifying the importance of each KPI and core function while indicating the amount of time spent in accomplishing the accountability. By setting this standard you will complete your comprehensive position requirement and select the top competencies needed for the position.

Session 5: Interview Preparation You have defined the role and selected the competencies but do you know what behaviors are more critical to successful performance in the position? Walk through a paired comparison process to rank order your competencies. In this interactive process you will see everyone getting on the same page to understand the non-negotiable competencies the next hire must have walking in the door.

Session 6: Interview Creation Work together to select interview questions that are job relevant in our comprehensive competency based software platform. As a team choose from over 600, 3 part questions included with coaching that will help you identify the candidate’s competencies in the interview. Use these questions to pre-screen candidates or distribute them amongst team members to include in the interview process.

Session 7: Conducting the Interview Be a part of a live competency based interviewing process. Learn how to score a candidate’s answer by knowing what to listen for and become more objective in the ratings you provide. We will work through an interview on our competency based software where all attendees will be encouraged to record and rate the candidate’s response. Walk away with a clear understanding of how to conduct an unbiased interview.

Session 8: Interview Evaluation We have scored the candidate on all of their answers now we must collectively evaluate their competencies. Does the candidate meet the expectations for the position? Learn how to present these results to justify an offer or no-offer decision. Understand how to use these results in providing a holistic view of the candidate in comparison to the position.


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