Public Programs


Response Agility – Breakthroughs in Being
In this highly transformative and experiential talk, audiences gain insight into how their current thinking may be limiting what’s possible in their pursuit of fulfillment, at work and in every area of life that is important. We illuminate that every man or woman has the complete power to change their natural responses by altering their perspective in real-time. Response Agility is a skill every human being wants to master.

Attendees walk away with:

  • Insights into how powerful hardwired triggers limit effectiveness in key areas of life.
  • A deeper understanding of how new possibilities and shifts in perspective, clear the way for more connection, creativity and fulfillment.
  • A common sense practical approach for responding to everyday challenges with agility, empowerment and peace of mind.
  • Breakthroughs in inspiration and energy, and a call to move forward with purpose and passion.

From Striving to Thriving
In this inspiring and transformational women’s empowerment program, we invite audiences to see beyond personal thinking and self-limiting beliefs, and to gain access to innate natural wisdom, passion and purpose for leading and for living.


  • Learning the keys to keeping calm, present and peaceful regardless of life, family and work challenges.
  • Gaining understanding of overcoming adversity and experiencing freedom, peace and ease, in the face of it all.
  • Understanding the power of following a self-authored path to fulfillment.

Ignite Power – Unleash Your Power as a Woman Leader
Are you a woman in a leadership role, striving to perform with grace and ease? 

Do you experience the pull of navigating between home and work life, as well as making time for regular self-care and renewal?

You’re not alone……..

Many women leaders find themselves with a laundry list of to-dos nipping at their ankles, dominating their thoughts, and impeding a focused state of mind.   

Attendees say Ignite Power provides perspective, possibilities and pathways for:

  • Activating whole life and career fulfillment
  • Navigating challenges, setbacks and upsets
  • Accepting full responsibility for the experiences of life
  • Moving through adversity with peace, freedom and ease
  • Following a self-authored path to achievement 

    Talent Optimization

    Stratify HR
    As a Human Resources professional, you have a unique opportunity to make a high-impact change in your organization.

    You have your hands on the pulse of the people and you believe you know what’s needed to create a best place work culture. 

    In this breakthrough HR leadership workshop, you begin to uncover what you don’t know, your blind spots and shine the light on those things that thwart your intentions for your career. 

    You begin to identify the insidious killers of performance and progress, organizational change efforts and employee engagement.

    It’s time to experience more peace, more self-expression and more fulfillment in your HR career.

    You experience breakthroughs in communication and gain insight into what it takes to enroll your colleagues into creating a workplace culture that employees are inspired to be a part.

    In this highly experiential workshop, you’ll quickly acquire the insight, skills, and strategies needed to: 

    • Create a crystalized vision for a career in Strategic HR.
    • Identify and remove obstacles within your organization and introduce initiatives that increase employee productivity and profit.
    • Develop communication skills that gain buy-in, inspire people to take positive action, and make executives pay attention.
    • Determine which priorities give you the greatest return on your investment of time and energy.
    • Know the difference between culture and climate… and how each impacts the employee experience and your authority as a leader.
    Conscious Hiring®
    This dynamic workshop is specifically designed for HR professionals and recruiting managers who want to build engaged and inspired teams, where every person is in a role that brings out their best. Bring a new level of effectiveness to your organization’s people strategy. As a trained Conscious Hiring® professional, you rediscover your passion and purpose for being in the talent field, and you become a catalyst for the evolution and optimization of talent within your organization.

    You Learn:

    • Unique methods for evaluating a candidate as a whole person
    • Efficient techniques to use data to vet and sort candidates by their highest compatibility for their role
    • Time-tested strategies to identify the underlying drivers of unwanted turnover
    • How to leverage those drivers to hire the right people, for the right roles, at the right time

    Role Alignment
    The estimated cost of a poor hire runs from three to seven times a person’s salary, especially in sales or management. With stiff competition, costs rising and margins shrinking, no company can afford $300,000 or more per bad hire. 

    Your workforce is your fuel for your business engine.

    Imagine how your business could perform if you were empowered to create a conscious, aligned workforce that produced extraordinary results.  

    Comprehensive Position Requirement  (CPR)

    Conscious alignment of people requires beginning the employment relationship with the big vision in mind. 

    The CPR is an innovative and powerful methodology for aligning the person in the role with the reason the role exists, and the required business outcomes. Let’s face it, most if not all job descriptions are ineffective and outdated. Performance requirements in the role are often an afterthought and not discussed until a person is actually hired for the job.

    With a CPR, the role exists for a purpose. By understanding and articulating the purpose the role exists and what success looks like, it empowers you to create and bring forth high-impact hires.

    The CPR Addresses:

    • Common reasons for low performance and lack of on-the-job engagement.
    • Alignment of people and role purpose with accountability.
    • Linkage between service categories focus and intended outcomes.
    • How employee selection impacts delivery of role purpose.
    • A recipe for attracting employees who produce extraordinary results.

    Values-Based Behavioral Interviewing
    Experience the impact that effective targeted selection and values-based behavioral interviewing has on your ability to secure and retain the right people for your company and evoke genuine, productive change in the hiring process as a discerning interviewer.

    The Values-Based Behavioral Interviewing training guides you through the process of selecting relevant role-centric and values-based questions that enable you to evaluate the candidate’s competencies, and score their responses in an unbiased manner. This means you gain confidence in your ability to ask the right questions, and listen for and identify the right answers.

    Workshop Objectives:

    • Discover what drives peak performance, including motivations, ways of being, ways of thinking, and modes of interacting.
    • Design key performance indicators based on a role analysis, so you can easily identify the applicants who are best-qualified to fill open positions.
    • Gain confidence in role benchmarking, creating values-based behavioral interviewing models that target the right fit, and behavioral selection and interpretation.
    • Explore practical ways to evaluate a candidate as a whole person – far beyond what’s on the resume – so you know you’re hiring someone who fits the company culture and philosophy.
    • Learn and champion a lean recruiting model to increase your company’s efficiency in the hiring process, and gain the ability to impact and affect people at work in ways that also create positive change in their lives outside the office.

    Here is what our customers say about our Public Programs:

    “I recently attended a KeenAlignment Ignite Female Leadership retreat. The event was intense and impactful. Magi was amazing at leading a diverse group of women. The experience provided insight and new tools for my leadership toolbox. The level of engagement was extraordinary – everyone found their “inner voice” and showed that in just 2.5 days, that they were transformed into leaders. I would highly recommend KeenAlignment for workforce development.”

    Francesca Dunbar
    Vice President, Group Marketing, McWane, Inc.

    Conscious Hiring helps me get to know the candidates in an incredibly valuable way. I know that they are a fit for our position in their competencies and experiences, but also that they are a fit for the organization, that they will be an asset to the team they are joining in all ways. All of the questions asked through the process have such specific purposes, they each illuminate critical aspects about our candidates that make the selection process incredibly easy. When I present final candidates to hiring managers I have confidence that we are selecting from the best of the best. The success that we have seen has built a great deal of trust in the process from the hiring managers. In our organization we want to be hiring for longevity, Conscious Hiring is the best tool to accomplish this. It is also the most successful recruitment method that I have seen or used. Thank you to Margaret and her team for sharing this tool!”

    Elizabeth Loretto
    Office and Human Resources Administrator, Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority

    “This is a one-of-a-kind course that I had been looking for but couldn’t find in the market of professional and personal development. It covers all aspects integral to being a woman – leadership, human development, self-care, self-expression, our feminine and masculine traits, and most importantly, a vision for living. The course is brilliantly and thoughtfully constructed. I could take it again and get another level of insights. KeenAlignment’s commitment to transforming the workplace for both men and women shines through this active and engaging course.”

    Alane Watkins
    Director, IT Risk, Gilead Sciences, Inc.