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An Evolving List of COVID-19 Resources for Leaders

Collectively, we are relying on one another to exist in our new normal.

And an abundance of our community members, partners, colleagues and friends are using this time to provide support.

We’ve curated the resources that have resonated with us and encourage you to bookmark this page so you can check back often for new additions.

(If you have a resource to include, please share in the comments!)


The Power of Purpose in a Time of Struggle by Shiela Patel, M.D.

If nurses can find light in the middle of a pandemic, so can we. NY Post Article

Free IDS Live Sessions for Calm, Clarity and Confidence by EOS

Thrive Remotely by ProHabits

Liberating Structures For Your Remote Workforce

Resources to Effectively Lead Amid COVID-19 from Harvard Business Review

Our CEO’s Experience of the Pandemic

COVID-19 Startup Update: Immediate Actions to Take by 2Go Group

During one of our Response Agility Webinars, a fellow leader asked for recommended reading during this time. Here’s what we suggest:

  1. Invisible Power

  2. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

  3. The Book of Joy

  4. The Four Agreements

  5. Oneness With All Life

  6. Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself

  7. Traction

  8. Inner Peace

  9. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Work & Productivity

Working Remotely During The Coronavirus Outbreak? Here’s How To Feel More Focused And Energized And Manage Stress by Forbes

8 Tips for Working from Home or Remotely from Glassdoor

Mental Health

Lockdown – The Poem That Went Viral

Brene Brown’s podcast on F*cking First Times (FFTs)

Nature and Wellness Breathing Meditation by Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority

Meditation Music by Krishna Das

Physical Health

How To Boost Our Immunity – Starting Now by Ariana Huffington

Free Online Yoga Classes by Janet Stone

3 Keys To Get Fit by Women Getting Fit

10 Foods That Help Boost Your Immunity To Fight COVID-19 by Chopra Center

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