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3rd Party Recruiting- You Don’t Want to Do The Heavy Lifting, Let Us Do it For You!

Some say the great thing about being a third-party recruiter is that there are no firm rules on how to recruit. Well, this is just not true. If there wasn’t a right and wrong way to recruit it would simply fall apart. Every client differs, every position differs, and every candidate differs: this is a fact, however, the way that you recruit your candidates and make your clients happy is all the same.

Third party recruiters provide a service to their customers, not a function to their employers. If a recruiter can ensure successful hiring process that results in less waste and an increased return on investment, they must have a system set in place. A proven process that allows any company to close-the-door on expensive mis-hires and unwanted employee turnover is the engine that drives 3rd party recruiting.

A process must ensure one thing; the right person in the right role, for them and for the company. This is the only way to ensure employee retention. While sales professionals only have to deal with customers’ emotions, recruiters have to deal with both customer and candidate emotions. The candidate’s motivational drivers, methods of interacting, ways of acting and reacting, thinking strategies, and leadership behaviors are all brought into context by the recruiter. It’s not just the traits of someone that predict their performance; it’s how traits interact with each other that calculates success.

Along with each client, each job must be addressed differently while apply a solid hiring process. Great companies spend time isolating what great performance is in the role they are searching to fill. Invest more time in defining what the candidate needs to do to achieve great performance, and even more time proactively assessing and defining the right behaviors, values, and motivators of that the right candidate should have.

No matter what the job is, if a recruiter has a process that involves assessing who the employee needs to be to do the job, they will come out successful. A strong hiring process includes selecting behaviors, talents, traits, willingness, “want,” power, skills, experience, and even education- the whole nine yards!

Check out KeenHire’s conscious hiring process for an example of great third party recruiting with a process in place for success!

By: Emily Eastman


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