Cultural Transformation

Achieve Breakthrough Performance

at Every Level of Your Organization

A cohesive, high-performance workplace occurs when people are aligned, inspired and valued.

People in a healthy corporate culture are high-achieving, self-actualized, affiliative and humanistic.


Transform your business from the inside out with an ongoing KeenAlignment partnership customized to improve organizational culture at all levels.


Our Cultural Transformation program focuses on training and aligning your organization’s human systems, including roles and responsibilities, employee selection, new hire onboarding, performance management and talent development. There are three phases and 10 stages for achieving breakthrough performance at an organization-wide level.

Areas of Focus

Improve engagement, accelerate growth, reduce risk and cultivate the next generation of leaders to become stewards of your organization.

Build Capacity

Create a framework for predictable and sustainable organizational results

Inspire Others

Discover and become masterful in creating superior alignment and engagement in your workforce

Assess Performance

Measure skills and capabilities and determine if you have resources and tools to succeed

Transform Business

Learn a new way to communicate, operate and innovate to drive business results

Achieve Alignment

Align on the mission, vision and values of the organization


Bill Bentinick.jpeg

"Once again…thank you, for delivering a phenomenal transformation exercise. It delivered perspective, personal growth and a path where the team is much better positioned to collaboratively execute to the vision of innovation leadership. I have to also express compliments for making it a “real” program. Everyone was moved and inspired everyone to become better as both people and colleagues….You bring huge credibility and energy…"

— Bill Bentinck, VP /GM, Eugenus

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