Improve Your Workplace With Our Cultural Transformation Program

Improve, Grow and Succeed With a Cultural Transformation Program That Actually Works

A Misaligned Workplace Culture Holds You Back

Workplace culture is an essential facet of a high-performing organization. Misaligned workplace culture creates disengaged and demoralized employees. As a result, your employees won't perform as well. Some might even quit. 

A workplace needs to be high performance, and to attain high performance there needs to be healthy teamwork, results focus, team collaboration and conversations for action. How tasks get done needs to align with why tasks need to get done. When a workplace isn't balanced, it is challenging for the right tasks to get accomplished.

There can be a lot of dysfunction, resistance, and friction in a misaligned workplace. 

One of the warning signs of a misaligned workplace culture is a lack of accountability and trust. These two things are the building blocks of leadership. Employees in a misaligned workplace don't have confidence in their leaders, and often waste time and energy on the wrong things. 

Another warning sign of a misaligned workplace culture is a lack of clarity. Employees and teams don't know what they're supposed to do. When they do achieve accomplishments, they don't know what is next or how to set an intentional course of action. 

Holding employees accountable for results or behaviors is important. That becomes challenging when your beliefs aren't connected to your strategy. Organizations need certain levels of transparency, pride, and openness to create high-performance levels. 

You don't have to live with misaligned workplace culture. The coaches and trainers at KeenAlignment are here to serve. 

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Create a Cohesive and Aligned Culture With KeenAlignment 

The first step to creating a cohesive culture is recognizing that you aren't in alignment. At KeenAlignment, our cultural transformation training focuses on aligning your workplace and employees with your highest vision for success.

We work together to assess your organization's current culture. We strive to get a clear picture of how tasks are getting done and why. We partner with you and achieve breakthrough performance at an organization-wide level. The program encompasses three phases and 10 stages. 

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What is Workplace Culture?

Culture is your organization's personality, values and observable behavior. Your workplace culture is what makes your company unique. It's the sum of its attitudes, behaviors, beliefs, and interactions. 

A successful organization has a culture based on a shared set of beliefs. The beliefs are supported by structure and strategy. When an organization has a strong workplace culture, a few things happen. 

First, employees know how management wants them to respond to different situations. Second, employees believe that your response is the correct one. Third, employees see that they are rewarded for exemplifying their workplace's values. 

Your organization's management and leaders establish shared values and beliefs. They're then communicated and reinforced using different experiential and transformational methods. Your employees' behaviors, perceptions, conversations and actions are shaped to reflect your organization's values. 


How Does Our Cultural Transformation Program Serve You?

Workplace culture is essential because it can undermine or strengthen your objectives. Our Cultural Transformation Program serves your organization in various ways. 

Find and Keep High-Quality Talent

Positive workplace culture attracts high-quality candidates. A job candidate evaluates your business's climate and vibe. Your organization gains the reputation of being "a great place to work" by aligning its culture, people and strategy.  

A clearly defined and positive culture attracts and retains talent. You reduce unwanted employee turnover and encourage qualified candidates to apply to your organization. 

Easily Adapt to Change

A strong and unified workforce enables you to make changes quickly. You manage transformations like mergers, expansions, and more with ease and agility. 

Your workplace culture also affects how your employees perform their jobs. Employee satisfaction and happiness are strongly linked to workplace culture. 

Additionally, your workplace culture becomes future-minded. Your employees collaborate for  innovation and change. New ideas are encouraged, embraced and acted on.

Unify Your Company

Connect all of your teams with your company vision. Employees contribute and engage more deeply with their roles and the team as a whole.

Increase Your Employees' Performance 

Organizations with an aligned workplace culture typically outperform their competitors. Changing organizational culture is vital. It improves the performance and happiness of your workplace. Your organization's operations become more effective and waste decreases as your employees' productivity and satisfaction improves. 

Ensure Inclusion 

Through our program, you create an inclusive and welcoming organization. Your organization promotes inclusivity and diversity. You encourage your employees to be authentic, courageous and collaborative.

How Our Process Works



We start your culture transformation training by assessing your organization's gaps and strengths. 



We have purposeful and powerful conversations. Your leadership team gets clarity into your organization's current state. We look for ways to align your organization and define what behaviors, actions and commitments serve the strategy. 



We create a comprehensive and custom plan. We focus on building sustainability, momentum, and innovation for your organization's culture. Our workplace culture training program paves the way for change. 


Put in Place

Our tailored plans get executed effectively. Each employee receives access to live, experiential, and hands on, customized training on how they can impact the organization. 



We show management how to sustain your changes over time. We work to embed new leader behaviors and positive cultural drivers in your company. 

Our Areas of Focus

Improve engagement, accelerate growth, reduce risk and cultivate the next generation of leaders to become stewards of your organization.

Build Capacity

Create a framework for predictable and sustainable organizational results

Assess Performance

Measure skills and capabilities and determine if you have resources and tools to succeed

Achieve Alignment

Align on the mission, vision and values of the organization

Inspire Others

Discover and become masterful in creating superior alignment and engagement in your workforce

Transform Business

Learn a new way to communicate, operate and innovate to drive business results

Hear What Our Happy Clients Have to Say

Bill Bentinick.jpeg

"Once again…thank you, for delivering a phenomenal transformation exercise. It delivered perspective, personal growth and a path where the team is much better positioned to collaboratively execute to the vision of innovation leadership. I have to also express compliments for making it a “real” program. Everyone was moved and inspired everyone to become better as both people and colleagues….You bring huge credibility and energy…"

– Bill Bentinck, VP /GM, Eugenus

The KeenAlignment Difference

At KeenAlignment, we empower leaders and employees through shaping healthy, intentional high-performing workplaces. We deliver custom leadership programs that improve workplace culture and transform teams. We utilize leadership tools, actionable strategies, and experiential coaching to accomplish this. 

Our goal at KeenAlignment is to catalyze leaders and elevate leadership throughout the organization.  Increase your employees' performance and your organizations revenue by reshaping your workplace culture. We coach leaders to transform their organizations from the inside out. Create an ongoing and lasting partnership with us.

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