Transforming businesses into top performing organizations through
aligned cultures, effective leaders and employee optimization strategies. 



You want a high performance corporate culture.
We collaborate with you to design, cultivate and sustain one that wins.

You want a business that executes. 
We empower your people to drive results. 

You want a team where everyone is on the same page. 
We align your workforce. 

You want to attract, engage and retain top talent. 
We create "Best Places To Work."

We've been there. You're grappling with feeling like your business runs you instead of the other way around. Your people lack the drive and follow-through required to achieve your vision, and your growth is minimal or stalled.

These constraints don't have to exist. 

Whether you need a corporate culture overhaul, leadership development, better employee engagement, or all of the above, we have proven programs and expert coaches to guide you. 

Sustainable Solutions

Typical organizational culture consultants may initiate change, but they fail to teach companies how to sustain success.

Our programs are thoughtfully designed to not only address current people and culture barriers, but how to fix them and maintain success for the long term. 

How Can We Help?

Shape A Constructive Corporate Culture

Empower your people to uphold your company's mission and values, perform at peak levels and deliver results.

Elevate The Effectiveness of Your Leadership

Build high-performance teams by developing leaders who get the best our of their teams.

Get The Most From Your HR Team

Unlock the power to hire, engage and optimize top talent so you can focus on moving your business forward.

keenalignment inc 5000 award winner hr management consulting

KeenAlignment enables HR and business leaders to come together and provide talent in the workplace, building, growing, hiring, and scaling for success.