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Working Smarter In the Second Quarter

April 15th is coming. We all know the day. For far too many Americans, April 15th is a stressful time where the reality of figuring out our taxes runs into our desire to procrastinate. But April 15th is the beginning of the quarter. If you’re going to drive revenue this year to your business, you have to be hitting on full cylinders right now. Work performed in the next sixty to ninety days will determine what you can accomplish in the 3rd quarter, and if you’re aren’t prepared the holidays will sneak up on you before you can make a significant impact on your earnings this year.

So it’s time to make a plan. What are you going to do right now, right this very instant, to make a difference in the 2nd quarter. It’s important to chart out long-term goals, but those are so easily set aside to accomplish in the future. If you don’t give yourself something solid and concrete to do today, you have a exceedingly small chance of achieving your long-term plans.

Get started now. What one thing can you do today, to make your staffing firm better?


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