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Workforce Performance Management – A Must For Progressive Companies!

Workforce Performance Management, how does a company maximize their return on their people investments? If you read my blog you know my first rule of thumb is to hire people who can naturally produce the results you expect with minimal coaching. Trying to fix a performance problem with a person who is not engaged, under-qualified, or whom lacks the inspiration and motivation to do the work is an utter waste of time and gives managers an ulcer just thinking about it. If you want a high performing team, I recommend follow these guidelines.

1. Define Your Role by Expected Outcomes

2. Hire people who are RIGHT for the job, the company and who want to produce the results

3. Clarify Expectations early and often -during the recruitment process, in the on-boarding process and quarterly. Integrate individual performance with company performance so people can see and feel how what they do or do not do impacts the organization.

4. Have the Employee Measure, Track and Report results to the Manager (take the monkey off the Managers back- Ken Blanchard, One Minute Manger)

5. Create Awareness and Consciousness in the employee’s mind

6. Communicate and Give Feedback-Recognize Positive Behaviors, Steps, Milestones, Effort and Execution towards Outcomes

7. Correct the Opposite and Remember to Separate the ‘Person’s Identity’ from their Performance

Often, Workforce Performance Management conversations are dreaded by Managers, after interviewing and coaching several hundred people who hold the responsibility of managing others I have discovered that the issue is lack of training in this area. Utilizing a comprehensive software that tracks performance, teaches the Mangers to have empowering conversations and coaches the employee on how to accept responsibility for their performance without making it mean they are broken or wrong makes a world of difference.

Dr. Stephanie Marberry teaches Industrial organizational psychology at Argosy University and Workforce Performance Management is a major component of her curriculum. In 2009 Stephanie conducted an all industry software evaluation of performance management providers, the results were incredible, educational and inspiring. The good news is there are several programs to choose from, the bad news is it takes TIME, KNOWLEDGE and RESOURCES.

If you would like to ask Stephanie questions about her research LinkIn to her, email her or give her a call @ 312-618-3252.


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