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Why Use an Assessment Tool?

600,000 to 9000 career vacancies are attributable to a mismatch between the skills employers seek and those available in the market. With 4.6 unemployed people for every job opening in the U.S. and an average of 3.5 million critical skills employees changing employment monthly, an assessment tool can help save you time, frustration, and ultimately money. An assessment tool can help you navigate through the sea of job applicants to focus on the most qualified candidates for your company.

Hiring one employee that does not have what it takes to do the job can cost a company 4-6 times of the mis-hire’s salary. For example, a mis-hired sales rep can cost an average of $350,000. Why not use an assessment tool that can identify whether a candidate has the necessary behaviors, values, knowledge, skills and abilities to do the job BEFORE you hire or promote them? KeenHire assessment tools allow you to identify, hire and retain the very best employees that drive high performance in your organization.

There are several reasons why your company might want to use an assessment tool. Some of these include:

  1. Hiring

  2. Promotion

  3. Development

  4. Career pathing

  5. Succession planning

KeenHire’s Recommended Assessment Tools

The key is to define what the position requires first and then select the appropriate assessment tool that fits your needs. KeenHire has proven experience and expertise in evaluating, recommending, administering and interpreting assessment tools across multiple industries and job roles. KeenHire has spent over seven years analyzing the top psychometric assessment tools in the marketplace. There are several assessment tools that we endorse depending on what the position is, how the assessment will be used and the type of assessment desired.

  1. Skill and Competency assessment tools might measure hard skills like Microsoft Excel or JAVA programming along with soft skills like resiliency or personal accountability. These areas can easily be developed in a candidate if a company is willing to the invest time and resources for training.

  2. Mental Acuity assessment tools examine a candidate’s abilities or capacity. Oftentimes these tools involve timed tests that determine how quickly the candidate can learn new information, verbal abilities, numerical perception or how much information they can remember.

  3. Emotional Intelligence assessments provide a glimpse of how the candidate or employee relates to the outside world as well as how they relate to themselves. These assessment tools are critical to administer for customer facing positions that involve heavy interaction with people.

  4. Personality and Behavioral assessment tools examine how the candidate acts and communicates on the job. It is important to determine if a job rewards a candidate’s natural behaviors since behaviors are not easily changed overtime.

  5. Interest, Value and Motivation assessment tools evaluate what is important to a candidate and why they go to work. Since a person’s motivations remain stable, this is an important area to match with the job and work environment.

KeenHire’s Assessment Tool Descriptions

Pre-Employment Assessment

  1. KeenInsight

  2. Pre Screener

  3. Mental Acuity

  4. The Big 5 Personality

  5. 20 minutes to complete

  6. Average Cost 25.00-40.00 based on volume

  7. Annual Subscription available based on volume (unlimited usage)

Mid-level Position Assessments

  1. Personal Interests, Values and Motivators

  2. Excellent Prelim assessment for key roles (e.g., Sales)

  3. Six Key Motivators (e.g., social, individualistic, utilitarian)

  4. 10 minutes to complete

  5. $85 per assessment

  1. Personal Skills and Competencies

  2. Excellent for hiring, on-boarding, and coaching

  3. 64 skills and emotional intelligence (e.g., resiliency, self-starter, goal orientation, empathetic outlook, interpersonal skills, personal accountability)

  4. Identify basic strengths and weaknesses within the candidate’s skills

  5. Customized Options for Sales, Customer Service and Executive positions

  6. Excellent for hiring, on-boarding, and coaching

  7. 10 minutes to complete

  8. Between $120 – $180.00 per assessment depending on volume

  9. The Job Fit

  10. Excellent for hiring, on-boarding, coaching and career development

  11. 6 Mental Acuities

  12. 10 Personality Factors

  13. Standardized Benchmarks for 100s of positions (e.g., sales, finance, technology, human resources, management, executive)

  14. 1 hour to complete

  15. Between $175-$195 per assessment depending on volume

Executive Level, Leadership & Developmental Assessments

  1. The Innermetrix

  2. Hiring, Development, Leadership, 360, RX program

  3. Most comprehensive

  4. Competencies, Behaviors, Values, Emotional Intelligence

  5. 40 minutes to complete

  6. Approx $365- $450 per assessment

  7. The DiSC

  8. Not a hiring tool! For on-boarding, communication and team building

  9. 4 Quadrants of Personality

  10. Communication Style, Work Style preferences and Job Fit

  11. 10 minutes to complete

  12. Approx $62.50 -78.00 per assessment depending on volume and type of report

Not sure what assessment tool is right for you….Join a Choose Your Assessments Wisely Workshop: Click here to read more about selecting the right assessment tool.


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