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White Fragility and Organizational Culture

All of us White people who lead people and organizations need to understand what is happening in society and take responsibility for our cause in the matter of creating a world and a company that works for everyone.

Shaping Organizational Culture is an Inside Job

Please take the time to watch Dr. Robin DiAngelo discuss “White Fragility“, then talk to your workforce about how they feel about the state of our country and your workplace organizational culture.

Solving this problem is NOT about booking the next Diversity training to check a box, or hiring a Diversity and Inclusion expert and then socking them with 50 other HR responsibilities that takes them off the focus of the role. There are right ways to make lasting cultural change and there are band aids.

The right way begins with each of us doing our work, as human beings. Distinguishing our own arrogance and inauthenticity, uncovering our blind spots and biases, and discovering the impact of our behavior or the impact of our lack of conviction and perseverance towards equity and inclusion in our workplaces. Shaping an organizational culture where people feel included, safe, free to speak, fully utilized, hired, paid, treated and promoted fairly is: Social Justice, Equity and Inclusion in the workplace.

We need to be the change our employees want to see. Justice, Equity, and Inclusion are human rights.

SHIFTING how we operate in our workplaces is a BIG part of the a Society wide Solution. As leaders your people need you to facilitate and lead discussions about social justice, equity, inclusion and diversity in your workplace.

In service of supporting the community, I’ve put together a team of organizational culture experts, who are free to speak with radical candor about workplace misfires with regards to DEI and what you can do NOW to align your leaders and employees to values and behaviors that work for everyone.

Mark your Calendar for Wednesday July 8th for “Getting Real about Social Justice and Organizational Culture”, a candid conversation about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and organizational performance.


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