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Use Jack Canfield’s Success Principles to Empower Your Sales Force

I am on day 4 in Jack’s Breakthrough to Success Seminar in Scottsdale Arizona. This has been an amazing week so far, and what I am walking away with already is an amazing plan of action for my Human Capital consulting business and my life

The success principles covers ways of being and operating from the law of attraction, to visualization to specific goal setting and action planning. We have learned the power of daily conditioning of our mind, body and our spirit. If you have not read the Success Principles, I highly recommend it. It is by far the largest contribution to my having the power and courage to alter the course of my life and up my game.

Overall there are 40 Principles, much more than the 7 habits, and for the sake of keeping your attention I am listing the top eight to ten that have helped me in my career. If you want more, tell me and I will continue on this subject for the next few weeks.

1. Taking 100% responsibility for your life, for your production, for your candidate submittals for the quality of client you are working with, to the amount of clients you generate to the money in your bank account. This seems easy; however every time you complain, justify or blame you are avoiding responsibility for the way things are going. When you avoid accepting responsibility you are rendered powerless to change your situation. Like it or not –YOU are behaving like a victim.

2. Define your purpose and your mission for being in the business of recruiting, for being alive. I have met many recruiters who tell me their purpose is to make a lot of money; I believe they answer this way because they think I want to hear that answer.

Many of us who chose to make recruiting and talent related careers our life’s work operate in our business with a purpose that is much more inspiring and meaningful than money. Money is the end result of our hard work and our passion; it is however not our purpose. My purpose it to be a conduit for people to embrace their personal power, live extraordinary lives and make a difference in the world. What ‘s yours?

3. Deciding what you want. What are the things you would do if you had no limits of time, money or resources? Make a list of 100 things you want to do in your life. Keep that list somewhere you can see it and check things off as you do them. Some of mine are; getting married in a winery, celebrating my 1 year anniversary in Verona, spending a week in an African village teaching self esteem to young women, Ski the Alps, Sky Dive, Kayak the Russian river, White water raft the Grand canyon, Scuba dive in Australia and Tahiti. Yes, successful recruiting generates lots of money, it is not about the money it is about what you get to do with it.

4. Believe it’s Possible, Believe in Yourself, Become an inverse Paranoid -these have to do with rewriting the tapes in your mind about who you are and what you are capable of. I always thought $250,000 was a healthy income, I thought that $400.00 was too much and I was greedy and selfish to be taking home that much money. I actually only took home that once year, and then my guilt or whatever had me funneling money elsewhere but in my pocket. I realize after reading this book and working with Jack that when I take home a $100,000,000 per year I can actually fund many other projects that the world needs funded. I can help my mom and her husband retire in a beautiful climate, I can donate a lot of money to the hemophilia foundation and I can fund adoptions out of Africa. There is much more I want to do and can do when I am cash flowing at $100,000,000 per year which is something I never even fathomed until the last 2 years. Changing your belief system is something we in our industry don’t spend much time on. If you have ever taken a Sandler sales course they have wonderful material on this, actually our beliefs are one of the major things ahead of lack of action that stop us from achieving what we want.

5. Setting Powerful Inspiring Goals in every area of our life. Specific, Measurable, Action, Resonate, and Thrilling goals with a date and time. Finance, career, relationships, recreation, health, personal, contribution.

6. Chunk It Down. Solidifying where you are going, create it in your mind. Map it in your consciousness.

7. Release the Breaks is about ending any and all negative thoughts about what you are wanting to accomplish and achieve. Stop saying can’t and stop talking about trying. Eliminate the things you say to yourself that are self deprecating. These are things like; “There are no good candidates our there”. We are in a recession


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