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Use an Employee Evaluating System that Works

When you have a team of sales people to hire, manage and keep, you must make sure that you have the tools at your disposal to find out what it is that your employees really want and what it is that will keep them happily working for you and your business for years to come.

This is why the management and leaderships training experts at KeenHire do their very best to help you find the most effective ways of evaluating both employee performance and employee happiness on a regular basis.

The following information lists some of the most important techniques in employee evaluating that the experts at KeenHire have come to understand thanks to our continued success and experience in this area.

Develop Clear Performance Indicators One of the most common ways in which managers and leaders seem to fail in terms of employee evaluating lies in the fact that most companies do not have clear performance indicators laid out for their employees from the very start.

What does this mean? What are performance indicators and how can they be used to improve the quality of your employee evaluating systems?

Performance indicators can be anything from setting a desired amount of sales for your employees to reach, to a comparison of the difference in their sales figures over time and to set targets which encourage an increase in sales every time.

Whatever the performance indicators are, you need to make sure that they are clearly set out from the very beginning of employment and that they are used consistently to evaluate employee performance on a regular basis.

Offer Consistent and Useful Forms of Professional Development One of the main traps that companies fall into with regards to employee evaluating is that they leave the performance review until the following year. Most companies only ever evaluate what their employees are doing and how they are feeling on a yearly basis, which really is not regular enough at all. The employee evaluating specialists at KeenHire suggest that you perform employee evaluations as regularly as possible, but with enough time in-between evaluations to ensure that employees have time to make developments without feeling pressured by the idea that they have to show progress.

It would make good sense for employers to review employee progress three or four times a year on a formal basis, but to have at least one meeting every week which would act as a more informal form of goal / target setting for the week ahead.

These quick and informal meetings will give employees that chance to raise concerns, discuss their progress and receive positive feedback from their employers as they produce success for the company. Everyone loves to be praised and guided towards further success and managers need to learn how to provide that praise and guidance with the help of the employee evaluating systems here at KeenHire.

Take Leadership and Management Courses in Employee Evaluating Make sure that you keep up-to-date with the various systems for employee evaluating and the many new techniques regarding effective leadership and management by visiting the KeenHire Blog on a regular basis.

The leadership and management experts who work for KeenHire spend much of their time investigating into the effectiveness of certain employee evaluating techniques and systems so that they are then able to present all of that information as clearly as possible to their clients.

Sometimes we share employee evaluating techniques with our clients via helpful posts on our blog, sometimes by developing packages and materials about employee evaluating that you can download and sometimes by providing online courses or webinars in employee evaluating too.

Use KeenHire’s Solution to Employee Evaluating for the Best Results Most employers find it difficult to successfully evaluate the performance and general well being of their sales employees and this is why the leadership and management experts at KeenHire have developed what is called the KeenHire 5 Pillar Conscious Hiring and Selection process.

This employee evaluating systems has been designed to help you and your organization construct a solid base to your business and then develop that business consistently over time to keep reaching the next level of success.

As an employer, it is vital that you study and thoroughly investigate into the best ways of supporting, evaluating and managing your sales employees in the same way that you study and investigate into other areas of your business.

The KeenHire 5 Pillar Conscious Hiring and Selection process concentrates on and leads you through the following five areas

  1. Organizational Workforce Planning

  2. Key Contributor Benchmarking and Role Analysis

  3. Candidate Sourcing

  4. Selection

  5. On-boarding

Our dedicated team of leadership and management specialists take you through every single step with purpose and focus. We help you to outline your company’s performance management metrics and your objectives over the long term.

The KeenHire 5 Pillar Conscious Hiring and Selection process can be used during the employee evaluating performance reviews that you run so that you have all the necessary resources to measure success and accurately evaluate your employees on a regular basis.

Contact the employee evaluating experts at KeenHire directly to find out how and when you can start implementing the KeenHire 5 Pillar Conscious Hiring and Selection process into your business. We will be happy to discuss this with you at any time and we know that you will benefit greatly from the leadership and management support that this system offers.


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