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Upcoming KeenHire Seminars

2/25: Acing the Interview, Live Seminar, 8am-noon CST – Empowering the candidate to make the best impression.

2/25: The Recruiting Tour de Force | Snapshot 11:30am -1:00pm CST – A power packed 90 minute seminar that unmasks the secrets of legendary executive recruiters.

2/28-29: The DiSC Difference, Live Seminar/Chicago area, 1.5 days, Thursday, 8am-5pm and Friday, 10am-2pm CST – Become a certified DiSC specialist to build high performing teams for your clients.

3/3-4: Selling Bootcamp: Leverage Your Power and Gain the Exclusive, Live Seminar/Chicago area 2-days, 8am-5pm – Business Development for independent agencies and recruiters that teaches 6 sigma best practices.

3/11-12: Choosing Assessments Wisely, Live Seminar/Chicago area, 2-days, 8am-5pm CST – Pick and use the right assessment products every time.


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