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Top 10 Reasons Candidates Hesitate To Take Offers

Previously posted on The Fordyce Forum Blog

Top 10 Reasons Candidates Pend or Hesitate to Accept Direct Hire Job Offers

1.They are concerned that they will not achieve their long term goals by taking this job

2.They do not have that warm and fuzzy ‘fit’ feeling

3.They are skeptical about the companies values, operating practices or strategic objectives

4.They do not trust that the new boss and or company will mentor and develop them

5.They are frustrated that they wont be using their strengths to their fullest potential

6.They notice that something is ‘off’ in the work environment but they can’t put their finger on it

7.They are unclear as to the ‘real’ expectations of the role

8.The recruiter said one thing and the hiring manager said something different

9.They never told their spouse they were interviewing and now they have to do damage control

10.They used your opportunity for a comparison and now they are waiting for the others to come through

10 Ways to Head Hesitation off at the Pass

Forget about the job your trying to fill for about 45 minutes and Get to know the candidate…….Really before you send them out

to the hiring manager.

1.What do they want their life to look like 5 -7 years from now?

2.What lights them up, inspires them and how can they access that on the job….what would that look like?

3.Give them a personality, strengths finder assessment and help them get access to their core competencies: strengths, weaknesses, values, behaviors and find them a role where they can shine

4.Who was your best /favorite mentor and why? What worked? Who was your least favorite and why, what went wrong?

5.Tell me about your most inspiring role, what was so great about it?

6.What kind of people do you want in your work network?

7.Ask them, If you were NOT going to take this job, what would some of the reasons be…..and……and….tell me more

8.What other opportunities are you pursuing and or considering, tell me what you like and dislike about them? What stage in the process are you? How does my opportunity compare with that? Why?

9.What are the top 3 elements you must have in an opportunity to take the job?

10.What are the top 3 functions you need to have in the job itself to be working at your optimum contribution?

These seem simple, and they are. Most of you are probably already asking most of this, try one or two that you are not, and see what happens. Position and perception is everything, start acting like a career agent and people with trust you like their career agent. Trust builds respect, respect builds relationships and relationships turn into placements and referrals and even clients.

Great Selling and best of Success

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