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Time…Use It Wisely

One of the most critical Success Principles is using your time wisely. While squandered money can sometimes be replaced, wasted time is gone forever.

So, how do you muster enough power to accomplish everything you need to get done in a frenetic world where information overload is the norm, and stay committed to being the best you can be at work and home?

My personal breakthrough in time management has to do with gaining mastery on three levels: leveraging my power, choosing my opportunities wisely, and becoming a power user in Outlook. Each level took me time to grasp, master, and implement.

The breakthrough into power, freedom, and peace of mind I experienced came from a course I attended years ago when I was a Landmark Seminar Leader called Mission Control. That course certainly continues to have an impact on me; it showed me that I was spending a considerable amount of time doing things that either did not “light me up,” that I was not particularly adept at, or that were simply distractions on the path to achieving my goals.

That course made me realize that there were a many things I need to delegate, outsource, or simply stop doing. Over time I built a system in which anything that I am not any good at, or does not add value to me personally, or does not bring forth new opportunities for KeenHire, is delegated. Using the power of talented people and resources has enabled me to essentially clone myself 25 times – through the use of full-time, part-time, virtual” employees

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