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The Un-Myth

What Michael Gerber left out…………..

We all have heard of the E-Myth, this program exposes the myth & reality in surviving and thriving in turbulent times.

The world of business we know is changing and what worked yesterday frankly wont work tomorrow without streamlining and developing solid client centric systems and accountabilities that drive profitability.

Efficiency, Service, Integrity and Innovation are aspects that forward a young entrepreneur’s vision, income level and reputation. The strong drive for success leads astute CEO’s down pathways of replication. What companies who live by these values all too often painfully uncover is that the right systems housing the wrong people always fail and that wrong systems housing the right people also fail.

It’s a vicious circle

many companies continuously struggle with until they come to understand the power of internal planning and corporate organization.

When interviewed Bill Gates stated that in building Microsoft it was NOT about the products they created. It was always about the talent & brainpower of the people who built Microsoft’s’ global dominating products.

In this 90 minute Webinar you will learn keen methods to evaluate and assess the power of your talent, your processes and the impact they have on your customer retention.

What Keen hire delivers is a transformational process for companies that need to do more with less. This allows organizations to optimize profitability and efficiency during rising markets and also not only survive but also thrive in bad markets.


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