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The Law of Attraction or is it Detraction ? It’s Your Call….Choose Wisely!

Just know what you’re choosing. When I first learned about the law of attraction, it was from my coach Jeanna Gabellini, and it was before The Secret came out. While I highly enjoyed the movie The Secret, it was only an introduction to the work of the law of attraction; and there is a lot more to it. In my conversations with recruiters, staffing people, men and women about the job and about life; it seems, at times as if people are confused about what the law is and how to make it really work in their life, on a regular basis. Theoretically it is easy, be positive, think positive and take positive actions and positive things happen, you stay healthier, happier and life just works.

Where people break down is not in the thinking positively part, they break down when they are unconscious to their negative energy and how it blocks off things like love, openness and possibility (and that impacts making deals).

To take a deeper cut, let me hone in by saying what the law of attraction is not. It is not about saying what you don’t want. It is not about complaining and whining about what is missing from your life, or from your candidate pool or from your relationship, or from your dating pool. It is not about telling everyone what a bad person you used to work for or used to be married to; it is not about complaining about the impending election, global warming or the economy.

The only thing you can attract when you are worried or concerned or pissed off is more of that. Like attracts like, so when you’re vibrating negative energy you cause more things to worry about, more things to be concerned about and more things to piss you off. Now who would really want that? No one would consciously choose that, so why do we? We choose it because at our core we do not have any real concept about the negative impact of negative energy and if we did have a real understanding about the impact of manifesting negative energy we would not allow ourselves to vibrate negatively for very long at all. We would get angry, be angry for as long as we needed to feel that we did our anger justice and then we would get over it as fast as we could and then we would stop talking about it.

I think we get caught up on automatic pilot, in our story, in our righteousness, in our defense mechanisms all we can see or hear are words and signs that validate our position and temporarily it makes us feel good and justified. When someone comes along and says, could you look at this differently….often a first reaction is to think we are being ganged up on, not empathized with, or that someone is judging us; when in reality it might just be their attempt at shifting our negative vibration to a positive or neutral place.

To make my point clear, think of a time when you were badly hurt and you got angry. Feel the sensation of that anger, where does it reside in your body, how does it make you feel, what kind of thoughts are you having? For me, when I vibrate negatively the impact is not only hard on me it is hard for everyone around me. My fixed way of reacting when I feel someone is taking advantage of me is to get defensive and angry. Before I know it, I get a knot in my belly, my throat gets hot and I go from happy go lucky to crabby patty in an instant. Can you image if I picked up a call and tried to sell something, or showed up on a date like that. Well I have and needless to say it didn’t go well.

Now think of a time when you were bursting with joy, you were so happy you could barely keep the feeling in. Where in your body (stay clean) did you feel that joy, what were your thoughts, what other positive things followed that joy?

One of my highest vibration times is when I am running, biking or snow shoeing. I look out at where I am and how beautiful the place I am is, and I take it all in and almost instantly I feel grateful for my life, my kids, my business and my health. It is almost like magic and the next thing I know I am generating ideas and my creative juices are in full motion.

This is why when people are in a slump in recruiting, sales, dating or in life the slump stays on until the attitude is altered. Once the attitude is altered everything shifts.

So…if you are practicing the “law of attraction” then practice it both ways, know what you are attracting, know what you are detracting and do it consciously.


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