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Talent Strategy 3.0 – Leading Companies Choose Their Talent Wisely

Every time the right person walks out of your door and the wrong person walks in, the cost to your bottom line is immense.

With a rocky economy, emerging global competitors on the rise, four generations in the workforce, Sr. level leaders on the verge of retirement or their version of retirement (contracting) and a future of opportunities knocking at your high potential workforces’ door, it is time to start thinking about how you are going to incorporate the ‘talent mindset’ in your company.

The Society of Human Resource Management reports that 6 of the top 10 Workplace Trends are directly related to talent acquisition, selection & retention. The number 1 trend to most likely have a major impact on the workplace is workforce retention, and the most critical HR function effecting business strategy is Staffing/Employment and Recruiting.

The above issues are not separate -they are looked at as Talent Management and there is no better time than right now to master the distinctions of Top Grading and Employer of choice.

The time is now to ask yourself the following questions:

Who are my A players? What makes them tick?

What is my strategy to keep them engaged?

How do I attract more people with the same values, competencies and winning behaviors?

When I find what I think right looks like, how do I measure the candidates against the people who are A players? Do I have a benchmark?

What competencies are missing on my team, the presence of which would make a difference?

With duplication, replication and limited protection for IP – tomorrow’s companies will compete based on who they hire and how those people execute company strategy, sales and service delivery. People will become American companies keen competitive advantage.

The only way to compete based on talent is to choose that talent wisely, with the end in mind.

KeenHire teaches Executives and Top Management who to hire, how to hire, when to hire and how to leverage those that are hired. We help business leaders hire the right people, at the right time, for the right cost for the right length of time.


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