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Talent Strategy 2015 -It Starts NOW!

Every time the right person walks out of your door and the wrong person walks in, the cost to your bottom line is immense.

The KeenHire™ Corporate Talent Strategy Series empowers hiring managers, business leaders and strategic HR partners to leverage the power of their human capital. Given Workforce retention is on everyone’s mind, it is only fair to share that 65% of all retention issues are caused in the selection process. In this 16 hour program you will learn strategies for choosing your talent wisely, creating an engaged multigenerational workforce, and on-boarding, as well as strategies for effective succession planning, performance management and retention.

Join us for this provocative, insightful and fun program that delves into the corporate strategic talent issues and highlights innovative solutions you can initiate to solve them.

Course Outcomes

We will delve into corporate retention issues, dispel the myths and uncover critical issues that affect your ability to attract and keep good people.

You will learn a strategic approach to assessing your real human capital needs and how to implement the top grading approach to building an organization of high performers.

You will gain hands on experience in uncovering the Real Cost of Employee Turnover and the impact that it has on your company’s ability to achieve its strategic objectives. You will gain competence and capacity to choose your talent wisely.

You will walk away with the power and prowess to create the Talent Mindset within your company.

You will leave the workshop with a myriad array of retention strategies that meet the needs of a multitude of people in your workforce.

Course Overview

Corporate Retention issues • Understand the difference between Talent equity and Tenure equity • Review the generational parameters and influencers effecting retention

Corporate Assessment • Learn the organizational development approach to uncovering your human capital challenges • Benchmarking and Top Grading and how it can help you help your company

The Talent Mindset • Understand how the change in mindsets is imperative to your ability to attract and retain the right people in the right roles • Learn solid retention strategies that you can immediately implement

The Real Cost of Employee Turnover • Work through a hands on deep digging exercise and uncover the painful impact of hiring the wrong person or keeping the wrong person in a key role

Empowering your Management team to Choose Wisely • Implement hiring process and systems that bring forth only top tier talent

What They’re Saying

I am pleased to recommend Margaret Graziano as a foremost authority in personnel recruitment

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