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Take Your Career To The Next Level! Get Certified In Workforce Optimization!

The CERS is designed to take you, as a successful industry practitioner, and make you even better – way better – in your clients’ eyes. This is accomplished by immersing you in content that is much more strategic in nature than anything NAPS has previously offered.

September 21 & 22

Las Vegas

Two-Day Certification, under $1,500.

To Register Click HERE!

You emerge from the certification process with a much greater appreciation of the talent management issues our clients face.

The Course Work:

  1. The Entire Employment Life Cycle

  2. Workforce Planning

  3. Sourcing and Recruitment

  4. Screening, Hiring, & On-boarding,

  5. Compensation strategies, & Succession planning

  6. Generational differences, Employee engagement, & so much more!

Ultimately as a personnel consultant, you become astute at understanding key workforce optimization strategies that are critical in positioning you as a strategic business partner.

The credential is comprised of required reading followed by a mandatory 2-day immersion course, designed to dig deeper and explore how one might apply this body of knowledge in a real-life setting.

Through the exposure to this broader spectrum of this body of knowledge, you are much more empathetic to, and hopefully aligned with, the long-term goals of your customers. As a result, you are better armed to deliver long-term value and avoid the perilous commoditization traps to which your peers all too often succumb.


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