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Surviving The Age of Anxiety

Our world is filled with mass anxiety, and many are pointing it to the great pandemic as the root cause. However, I am currently reading a book right now by Allen Watts. The Wisdom of Insecurity. This book was published in 1951 renewed in 1979. And then a new introduction was delivered by Depok Chopra in 2011. It’s quite revealing that in his book Watts states people in 1951 “are more insecure and filled with more anxiety than ever.”

The reality is that the age of anxiety is happening and has been documented as happening since 1951. Anxiety seems to be a staple of the human experience. Unfortunately for us, anxiety is causing human beings several health problems ranging from hypertension to diabetes and cancer. Anxiety is a root cause, instigating a gamut of physical, emotional and psychological disease and disorders.

The mind body connection is very powerful. Max Strom, author of “A life Worth Breathing” says it like this, “The body like a wild horse must at times be coaxed, loved and rewarded, and sometimes tricked until it trusts and obeys you. And then like a tame stallion, it will allow you to ride it subjecting its own will to yours. Without accomplishing mind over body, the body will plague us through our senses with unyielding desires.”

It’s those unyielding desires acting on impulse alone that bring about hefty consequences to our wellbeing. It’s potentially easier to see the adverse impact of those untamed desires (including eating disorders, constant cravings for alcohol, cigarette, sugar, caffeine, fat, and then insomnia headaches and a compromising immune system, constipation, restlessness, anxiety, and depression. And that's just the beginning after these comes the giants of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and so on.”) when it comes to the physical body. Connecting the dots from stress to physical, emotional, and psychological disease may be hard for some to deal with and it’s crucial for your health and well-being that you understand and grapple with the impacts of the energy of unhealthy anxiety on your life.

When people allow their body and their impulses to dictate how they eat, live, work, play and relate; they live at the effect of a body running the show.

It makes sense for animals as they live only on instinct yet human beings have a profound ability. Human beings have the power of volition. We do not need to live in instinct mode, as human beings we have the power to live in a state of conscious choice.

Actually, on that note the American medical association admits that 60% of all health problem health problems in the United States could be prevented with simple actions and good habits. These simple, easy and good habits redirect the energy of stress inducing anxiety towards courageous and disciplined actions that source a healthy and happy existence.

If we are inspired and committed to living in a state of conscious choice, then we are reliant upon ourselves to also live in a state of responsibility. Living in a state of responsibility requires new levels of discernment and personal discipline. Discernment and personal disciples are ideal outcomes of a women in leadership training, such as Ignite Your Power.

It could be considered an arduous endeavor to live like this; and those who have gained mastery at this way of living, reportedly live in a peak state. They experience better health, better relationships and a better life. They experience more autonomy and fulfillment in the work they do. Their experience of living is that of an adventure filled with mostly happiness and joy.

Let’s unpack what it means to live in a state of being 100% responsible.

Personal responsibility could be considered getting your job done or taking care of the kids or making meals. Personal responsibility could also mean looking at every domain of your life, yes every area; even the things you don't think you need to look at, even the things you don't want to look at and asking yourself three core questions around responsibility. In our Women in Leadership program, both on the corporate side and on the public programming side we see massive improvements in how people live their lives just from asking and answering these questions with intention.

Am I interacting, and responding from my highest level of consciousness and commitment? (Or am I reacting based on how I feel about what is happening or about what I interpret is happening to me?)

The second question is, “Am I being 100% percent responsible for how I feel and how I am behaving in this moment? (Or am I looking for someone else to blame for why I feel the way I do?)

The third question to ask yourself is “Am I taking the actions and operating in a manner that has me living congruently with the life I say I want in life?” (Or am I waiting for something or someone to come along and make it happen for me? Or have I just simply given up?)

If or when the answer to any of three questions is resounding NO people who live in a state of responsibility pause, process, recalibrate, make amends, and redirect themselves towards alignment. This is a regular occurrence for the person choosing to live a life in a peak state most of the time.

If well-being, health and happiness is important to us than we must become masterful at living in a state of conscious choice.

Three kinds of good habits give us direct access to physical and mental health. Healthy food, exercise and sleep habits can empower us as a foundation to staying on the right road through life. Eating the right kind of food and in the right proportions and giving your body the benefit of regular exercise is a habit that perpetuates fluidity of movement abs activity in life. Making sure you are sleeping for 7.5 hours on average per night is a habit that fosters brain clarity and discernment as well as regulates functional body processes critical to mental and physical health.

Additionally, mindfulness, presence and stress management habits allow us to be in control of how we respond to life’s challenges, other people and our body’s impulses. There are many versions of activities that train us to focus the mind and access a state of ease, including meditation, yoga, tai chi, chi gong, time in nature, engaging in art and self-expression and journaling. The list is endless.

If managing anxiety and stress is important to you, adding regular disciplines to your routine promises to afford you in living a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life. Take the opportunity to register for Ignite Your Power a 2.5-day Women in leadership training beginning on September 23, 2022.

This collaborative program enables and empowers women at every level of leadership in mitigating and managing burnout in the workplace. Our Women in leadership programs are offered for people operating at every level of leadership and are foundational to cultivate, nurture and expand the capacity of the leader within.

You will be guided on an in-depth journey to your core. Digging deep to unearth feelings and build visions for this moment and beyond, get ready to feel the full force of your potential as you identify what’s important and inspiring to you to develop a framework for a powerful existence.

We provide you with a personal empowerment toolkit that enables you to show up and be always the best version of you. You emerge with a renewed level of confidence and discernment for authentic decision making. Learn how to connect and bond with your highest self, your inner self, and the world at large. Enjoy a unique opportunity to engage and align mind, body, and spirit. Now is the time—and this is the place—to tune into your innate intelligence and turn on your leadership superpowers.


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