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Shaking Hands and Never Letting Go

Today the challenge for all of us in the staffing recruitment profession is establishing and maintaining customer relationships that last. I have heard many times, “I am only as good as my last placement” or “How do I convince the customer that I am unique in an over saturated marketplace, where everyone makes the same promises and very, very few actually deliver.”

KeenHire Talent Management is built to deliver a higher quality of service to our end user as well as to maximize the time and effectiveness of our recruiting partners.

Our recruitment, hiring and retention programs elevate how we are viewed by business leaders and position our consultants as the full life cycle solution to their talent management challenges.

As the founder of KeenHire, I have spent five years investigated leading industry technology, new age sourcing solutions, lean recruitment processes & tools and dug deep into enough assessment and on-boarding instruments to make anyone’s eyes glaze over.

The coolest part of my research was that I sat in the seat of a recruiter for over two decades, I have a keen sense of what works, what doesn’t, what’s fluff and what’s real. The result of these efforts is that my team and I created a world-class hiring process that maximizes our ability to put the right person in the right job for the right period of time. The technology and efficiencies enable us to do it all for the right price.

KeenHire is committed to transforming the way staffing and recruitment is delivered. We have vetted and designed a conscious-hiring process that maximizes Keen Certified recruitment and retention professionals’ effectiveness.

Imagine you show up at your customers’ door, no one but people in your circle are offering the level of service you did. Imagine your customers invited you in to planning meetings and strategy sessions. Imagine your recruitment and hiring process is the fabric of your customers’ talent acquisition and retention strategy. As an independent recruiter or contract staffing professional, jumping from one gig to the next has got to be exhausting. Sure the money is great but when the jig is up, it’s up. Not to mention that you become part of most company’s dysfunctional hiring process and you pretty much have to go with it or say something and make waves. For most people making waves is not a lucrative option. Imagine yourself as the Sheppard of a world class recruitment and hiring process, fully armed with the tools you needed to do the best job in the minimum amount of time and are paid an engagement fee, a project fee and a performance bonus for work well done. Furthermore, visualize you as an integral part of the new hire on-boarding and employee engagement process and achieving another bonus for effective retention. Imagine participating in on-going training and development and elevating your ability to deliver better candidates in a shorter time frame and offer leading edge talent management solutions to your customers. Imagine being surrounded by and serving like-minded customers, working with philosophically aligned professionals and being known as someone who truly makes a difference in their work. There you are, shaking hands with your client and never letting go. Be a KeenHire Certified Talent Management Provider and experience all the above and more. Service Provider Track Sales/Business Development Track Talent Strategy 3.0 Talent Strategy 3.0 Talent Delivery Model Strategic Selling Behavioral Interviewing Talent Delivery Model Assessment Interpretation Success Factor 56 hours of intense training, coaching and certification over 7 weeks. 10 hours of follow up mentoring and coaching that solidifies your mastery of the systems, tools, training and technology. 66 hours of career altering training and development.

Regular cost is $4592 when you register for all three courses you save $919.00. Your price is $3673.00 per person or $55.65 per hour of training.


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