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Selling Bootcamp/Leverage Your Power and Gain the Exclusive

We have an upcoming class, March 3rd and 4th for Chicago area recruiters. I’m going to be covering the basis on selling and new business development for third party recruiters and independent agencies. This is a rare chance to learn enhanced versions of how to sell, negotiate and break those new accounts. We’ll follow Six Sigma Best Practices in teaching you how to MAKE MORE MONEY AND CLOSE MORE DEALS. Sorry about shouting there, but this is what recruiters are in the business for, and nothing gets me more pumped than helping put money into your pockets. The class is a two day live event March 3rd and 4th, but if you absolutely cannot make it, we’ll be doing a teleseminar that lasts 8 weeks from May 16th-July 14th. The course is 2 credit hours and costs $550 per person.

Please contact us with any questions



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