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Run an Effective New Hire On-Boarding Program

An excellent on-boarding program gives the manager an opportunity to explain on his or her management, communication and feedback style with the new hire, as well as discuss with the new hire how they prefer to be managed, developed and coached. When people know what to expect, there are no surprises and new-hire integration is a breeze. Employee engagement flourishes in an environment where people are clear on what is expected and are set up to win from day one.

Any company that values the power of their workforce believes that their people are their competitive advantage and ultimately the drivers of success (or not) for their business.They take steps to ensure that their people have the tools needed through coaching and development, to be the drivers of success and the continual competitive advantage for the company. Sign up to our workshop to gain insight on how the workforce is changing and what you can do to help your company optimize its people, and ensure that your people are continuall your competitive advantage.


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