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Retention: Will Your Key Contributors Be There When You Really Need them?

Even though Human Resource Executive’s Magazine is geared towards HR Management professionals, the January 2010 issue is excellent reading for any leader concerned with Talent Management. The cover story is about the necessity of Re-Engaging of Mission Critical, Key contributor and next level leadership talent. The most pressing post recession issues for leaders will be to provide highly engaged worker with the ability to execute new business strategies.

HRE reports that as the nation heads for an economic recovery, HR leaders at some of America’s largest companies will have to focus their attention on securing and keeping the talent capable of executing new post recession business strategies and metrics.

Isn’t that what we have been saying all along?

KeenHire Talent Strategy 3.0 program not only delves into the changing demographics effecting the US workforce and the companies employing it, we also dig deep into the continual stream of issues surrounding and effecting employee engagement, organizational design, recruitment, and talent retention. The course is quite content heavy however because of the group interaction the journey is barrel of fun!

The Washington based Executive Board reports that the number of disengaged workers has doubled during the recession of 2009 and 2010; even more disturbing many high potentials, workers who very possibly hold the key to a companies ability to press through the rebound are waiting with baited breath for a headhunters call. When the call comes, these highly valuable contributors will not only take it, they will leap at the chance to escape the last few years of misery. Actually another report by the same organization indicates that nearly ¼ of all high potentials are already looking for a new job and beyond that one in ten of the broader workforce is actively on the hunt for a new job.

In Peter Drucker’s 5 New realities and 8 Business Strategies he speaks about Business Leaders being willing to see the truth even when it hurts. To ensure you are not running in front of the truck and scrambling for Talent Management and Recruitment solutions, the time for planning how your firm will handle these changing workforce realities is now.


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