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Recruiting Trends Webinar March 6th and 7th

Back in November, I was speaking at the NAPS convention in San Antonio, and decided to set up an executive briefing with some friends of mine on the trends in recruiting.

Shally Steckerl and Jim Durbin, a sourcer and blog marketer respectively, rocked the house, and I decided to do the presentation again, this time online. We’re working on the video from the conference, but the three of us thought we should get together and throw a webinar for those who couldn’t make it to Texas.

The topic is Trends in Recruiting, and we’ll be covering my expertise, which includes personality assessments, benchmarking, and behavioral interviewing (backed by my experience running a staffing firm and recruiting in today’s market). Shally will cover the importance of Sourcing, which is changing the way that recruiters approach searching for candidates. Jim will talk about social media, which is the use of blogs, social networks and search engines to build a community of interest to attract passive candidates.


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