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Recruiting Problems: How Unemployment has Clouded the Candidate Pool

How has the recent period of unemployment made it difficult to hire the right person? Why do you need to advice and expertise of the hiring and selection specialists at KeenHire now more than ever?

The issue is that the increased levels of unemployment have generated a large number of people looking for work, but a large number of people of poor caliber.

In general, the employees who are worth anything in any way have already been snapped up by other companies and this has left a large volume of “employee dregs” at the bottom of the recruitment pool. The human resources training team at KeenHire is ready and waiting to lead you through the process of effective recruitment in these times at any time.

We have a number of different processes, programs, strategies and ideas that we want to share with you as soon as possible, and in particular our Conscious Hiring Process, which will help you to filter out the garbage and employ only the very best.

Our recruitment strategies will deliver only the top of the talent pool, regardless of today’s current employment climate, and help you to successfully fill every single position that you have available within no time.

Picking the right candidate is never an easy task, but our tried and tested hiring and selection methods help to make the right decisions on a regular basis and this is why you need to contact us directly without further delay. Don’t miss out on hiring the right person for the vacancy that you have pending. Consult the human resources management experts today.


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