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Performance Management – Make Your Management Impact Wisely.

All great Managers and Leaders want to run a high performing group, develop and inspire their people and take their team to the next level.

A Key elements in developing people is to ensure as a Manager you are focusing on those areas you can change and impact. Too many Managers focus on areas that they wish they could change in their employees and spend all too many hours beating their heads into the wall to make the necessary changes.

The following list serves as a guide for ambitious Managers in developing (or not) their people.

You can Influence your workforce’s Behaviors, Competencies and Capacities.

Risk Taking Leading Edge Education Experience Organization/Planning Self-Awareness Communications – Oral & Written First Impression Customer Focus Political Savvy Selecting A Players Removing C Players Coaching/Training Goal Setting Empowerment Performance Management Running Meetings Compatibility of Needs Presentation Skills

Competencies, Behaviors and Capacities that are harder to change but doable and if achieved raise Performance Management results. It is important to ask yourself if developing your employees in the following areas makes sense. Do you have the time to spend changing these behaviors? Do your employees want to make the needed changes? Are the employees you are developing as committed to performance management as you are?

Judgment Strategic Skills Pragmatism Track Record” Initiative Excellence Standards Independence Stress Management Adaptability Likeability Listening Team Player Negotiation Skills Persuasiveness Team Builder Change Leadership Style Conflict Management Credible Vision Balance in Life

The following Competencies


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