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New Progressive Green Opportunity- Communications Specialist, CA

You are a highly effective Communications Specialist with strong Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, desktop publishing and social media marketing expertise.

We are The Santa Clara Open Space Authority. Our purpose is to preserve key portions of the natural environment in order to balance continuing urban growth. We are committed to developing on going community awareness and increasing key constituency relationships that forward our mission

You pride yourself in your excellent verbal and written communication skills as well your ability to create thought and action provoking on line media and aesthetically pleasing graphic presentations, banners and fliers. Your diligence in expanding and maintaining newsletter and event mailing lists is rewarded by increased event participation, expanded media mentions and an abundance of new community advocates.

You are an active, energetic outdoor enthusiast, you use the trails around Santa Clara County and you love the idea of sharing that enthusiasm with others, for health and wellness, environmental preservation and stewardship.

You enjoy developing, writing, coordinating and maintaining media content and publications, including newsletters, reports and press releases. You are excited about sharing your passion for land preservation through your written communications and distributing these communications via social media, mailings, event posts, blog, web updates, board reports, videos and grass roots community efforts.


3 years Communications Specialist experience Excellent Writing Skills Social Media Adobe Creative Suite Newsletters

Click HERE to apply now and help forward the green mission!

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