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National Association Of Personnel Services Teams Up with California

As you may already be aware, NAPS is offering the Certified Employee Retention Specialist (CERS) credential program at the upcoming CSP conference in a few weeks.

I thought you might like to know that I’ve added my name to the list of people who are signed up to take this program, and I really wanted to share with you why I’m making a point of coming to CSP to earn my CERS credential.

First a little bit of background. I’ve been in the search industry for almost 30 years and have been both CPC and CTS for many years. I’ve always felt that Certification has given me a competitive advantage over other recruiters with whom I compete in my marketplace. Additionally, I’ve always seen the value-add to my clients that my certification knowledge has enabled me to provide in the way of additional information and services to them. There is no question that Certification HAS made me money through the years.

However, when I learned that NAPS was going to be offering the CERS credential, I couldn’t wait to find time in my schedule to sign up to take the class. There is no doubt in my mind that my clients consider employee retention to be one of the biggest issues on their plates. With over 70MM baby boomers retiring and only 28MM Gen-Y’ers coming up to take their place, there’s no question our clients are going to be facing a talent shortage of epidemic proportions. Current economic conditions not withstanding, we’re about to face the most exciting boom time for recruiters! The need for experienced talent will approach “feeding frenzy” and recruiters will be moving experienced talent from one company to another in record numbers. Consequently, our clients will be frantically looking for advice and input about how to keep the experienced talent that they’ve spend hundreds of thousands of corporate dollars to train.

A CERS-credentialed recruiter will have the “keys to the kingdom”.nbsp;

in terms of providing this critical value-added service. And who can deny the attractiveness (whether now or in the near future) of an additional LARGE revenue stream that the CERS credential will bring to you?

Join me at CSP for the CERS credential class! I look forward to seeing you there!

Carol Wenom CPC/CTS NAPS Chairman of the Board


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