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National Association Of Personnel Services – New Certification


Full Service Talent Management programs, HR Consulting, and New Innovative Staffing solutions are rapidly taking hold and changing the landscape of the recruiting and staffing marketplace. Companies are looking for answers to human capital problems and there is no one else on the planet better equipped to solve these problems then members of the National Association of Personnel Services.

Regardless of the countries economic instability many companies are dealing with core strategic issues that impair their ability to remain competitive, they need to find, select and keep good people. The facts are clear, The War on Talent is a major strategic initiative in 65% of all companies; whether they are at the start up level or tier 1 players, competitive companies can not get where they are going without the right people doing the job in the right way.

A recruiter without an in-depth bandwidth of human capital solutions and a road map of how to apply those solutions in their business is like a commuter who takes the same road home even when that road is under construction and there is only one lane open.””

Yes they still get home; it just takes twice the time and triple the aggravation.



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