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My Dog Ate My Cell Phone & Other Nifty Excuses Why Not To Be Powerful

With all the talk of recession, depression, and obsession with how ‘bad it is’ it is tough for most people to keep their thoughts positive. Personal Empowerment begins with making a choice to be grateful, optimistic and committed to the present and the future as a possibility. Happiness is a choice and it’s a choice we all must make daily, if not hourly.

Last March with recession looming in the background I chose to forge forward with launching Keenhire and it was the best choice I have made in my career. I won’t hide the matter that when I was in the ‘decision making’ process it was ugly, stressful and overwhelming. I relied on my long term goals, my masterful coach and my gut instinct to guide me.

When I review my life and the choices I have made; what to study, where to work, with whom to share my friendship – I am satisfied for the pathways that I have walked and the lessons I have learned. For they have brought me to where I am today and I have never been happier -personally and professionally.

In my keynote, The 5% Factor I open up my life’s journey from struggling single mom to corporate difference maker, to audiences and what I find each and every time is that as they wake up to their own possibility in life; I get re-inspired. There is no other feeling on the planet for me as powerful as giving someone the gift of possibility.

The 5% Factor is about making powerful choices in life that alter the quality and experience of life itself. In my own life, many times the moments before choosing are truly painful yet once the choice is made, I experience freedom, power and ease. I have learned to trust my heart, and to listen to my gut.

There are 6 Key Elements of the 5% Factor.

  1. Being an Eternal Student of Life

  2. Accepting 100% Responsibility, for what is and what isn’t

  3. Choosing Powerfully in the Moment

  4. Taking Risks, letting go

  5. Being Coachable

  6. YOU to the 5th power

We all have something we are striving for -what is it for you?

When I completed the Advanced Breakthrough to Success program by Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles I walked away with several tools for my KeenCoaching business. One of them is the 100/100. Before we begin a new person in the Keen Leadership Development program they are given a pre coaching assignment.

The assignment is to create a list of 100 Successes in their life and to create a list of 100 Goals for their life. (kind of like the ‘bucket list’)

Once a person is aware and awake to what they have achieved thus far in life and ignited by the possibilities of what they can create for their future a solid foundation for a coaching relationship exists.

Inside the The 5% Factor are key elements that goal attainment hinge on – I look forward to sharing more indepth about the 5% Factor distinctions in upcoming blog posts.


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