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Mobile Recruiting – 84% of The U.S. Enterprise TA Departments Are Falling Behind

Excellent Article by Jason Bus

Yesterday we shared 20 Mobile Recruiting Insights from #mrec13, and we’ve added another 25 below.


  1. 62% of PASSIVE job seekers will explore a company’s career page on #mobile

  2. 40% of mobile candidates abandon a non-mobile friendly apply process

  3. 1 second = 7% increase in drop-off

  4. Active job seekers look for opportunities almost equally on job sites (71%) and social networks (69%)

  5. Candidates are 50/50 split between use of iOS/Android, but Android growth is outpacing iOS

  6. LinkedIn says 28% of the users are actively seeking jobs

  7. 30% of CB’s overall traffic is mobile. Only 14% of applies are mobile

  8. Only 20% of TA leaders globally have optimized mobile career sites. US falling behind the average at only 16%

  9. Mobile apply completion rates on LinkedIn are 50% higher with simple apply flow

  10. 62% of recruiters say #mobile #recruiting is the top trend for 2014

  11. 61% of people have a better impression of a brand based on their mobile experience


  1. Jibe sees a higher conversion rate from talent coming in via social than talent directly approaching the career site.

  2. Candidates aren’t downloading job apps, so don’t bother,

  3. Mobile sourcing is about efficiency, not about using boolean strings on a mobile device

  4. Build a responsive to save time, save $ – but responsive UX doesn’t hit the mark for most mobile experiences

  5. 3-min rule: Understand what your audience was doing 3 min before interacting w you. Then you can put yourself in their shoes.

  6. Have you ever checked in on Foursquare at your competitor’s location and let people know that you are hiring

  7. Jobs and careers is bigger on mobile than most employers could ever imagine

  8. When reviewing traffic


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