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Mission: Benchmarking Seminars

Keen Alignment is my company, started to help recruiters do a better job hiring candidates for their clients, and helping staffing firms get deeper into the employment process. HR Executives get mobbed with phone calls all day from cold-calling salesman who want job orders, but don’t understand the pain points those executives need to address.

Benchmarking is one of those areas for corporations. Benchmarking refers to the process of studying results of your most successful employees, in order to improve the screening of prospective employees. And I can teach you how to a) benchmark, and b) use it as a selling tool for your business.

On the Keen Alignment site, we have a series of regular seminars o benchmarking we’re putting on for you. They include six live seminars in Chicago, and 3 teleseminars spread out over dates in 2008. The first is January 25th, 2008 in Chicago. The first teleseminar is January 24th,2008.

As we move into a slower time for staffing evidenced by talk of a recession, you’re going to have to sharpen your selling and staffing skills. Providing more value to the client (value you bill for), will improve your relationship, put more money in your pocket, and ultimately protect you in a downturn.

What are you waiting for? Sessions are a easy $112 each. Check out more information here at my site, and register by calling 1-888-484-5551 or e-mailing me at


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