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Meet The Founder

Margaret Graziano, CPC, CTS

  1. Named “Chicago Woman Business Owner of the Year”./span>

  2. National Association of Women Business Owners, 2004

  3. Named “Influential Woman in Business”./span>

  4. The DuPage Business Ledger, 2003

Margaret Graziano is the CEO and Sr. Managing partner of Keen Talent Management, a recruitment & talent management solutions firm that partners with growth bound companies to maximize their people ROI.

Ms. Graziano has worked in the human capital industry since 1983, and has been coaching business leaders in implementing a conscious-hiring process and high performing recruitment and talent acquisition, retention and talent management strategies since 1999.

She has long-term successful partnerships with international and emerging, mission driven companies with commitments to hiring philosophically aligned stakeholders. Companies attracted to adopting Margo’s best practices are firms who know that the life of their company depends on the people inside. Keen has successfully served business leaders in the medical education, training & education, customer centric software, consumer goods, foods, health & fitness, high touch, professional services, association and healthcare industries.

Margaret has several years of success history implementing spike-hiring programs for start-up companies as well as for market leaders expanding to new geographies and needing entire teams and departments staffed with highly skilled impact players. KeenHire Talent Management has recently launched and implemented company wide emerging leaders programming, retention, on-boarding and performance management systems for companies committed to retaining and developing their high potentials and peak performers.

Graziano’s specialty is in advising business leaders on building high performing, mission driven and profitable teams. Business leaders’ gain results in the area of improving their hiring batting average, increasing their return on their human capital investment, refining or implementing performance management metrics, talent development and next level succession planning. She works with leaders on bridging the gap between employee selection and retention. She has mastery in Team Role Analysis, Talent Benchmarking and Talent Competency gap assessment.


KeenHire is here for you and because of you!

After 25 years in the recruitment and staffing industry I came to realize that as an industry we were not providing strategic value to our clients. In some cases yes, however mostly we were a necessary evil. I began to learn from key executives, business owners and transformational empowerment coaches what companies needed and wanted in human capital solutions, and saw that for the most part there was not a company servicing the small and middle market that delivered these critical solutions. I made my mind up that I would build an enterprise focused on generating Talent Management systems, methodology and tools that make impact. At first people thought I was insane to give up the comfortable, long term career success that I experienced in recruitment, even my kids were scratching their heads. Now that they are seeing and experiencing my passion, and the companies success the support is overflowing. I am excited to be moving forward in my 40`s with a new company, a huge mission and a legacy to leave. I look forward to working together,

Margaret Graziano, President/CEO


What They`re Saying

I have had Margaret speak to my Vistage groups about the War for Talent and she shared excellent ideas about what`s going on in the economy and the recruiting space.” January 22


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