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Leverage Your Power – Set Healthy Goals, Hire a Great Coach!

The following was originally published in the Fordyce Letter, the single best resource any staffing agency can have.

So here it is new years even of 2008 and I am reflecting on what a fabulous year I had, everything I accomplished, what I learned and how I have grown.

Wouldn’t that be a pretty incredible way to start the year, already visualizing what you intended on accomplishing already happening?

A few years ago I was introduced to a goal setting format called the “Best Year Yet”. that along with the work I have done with Jack Canfield and The law of attraction has really given me access to set clear goals and define a strategy to get there. Another key was me taking responsibility for who I am in the matter of being accountable to myself and to my goals.

A fundamental aspect to me being accountable for achieving my goals is aligning myself with a coach who can deal with the ‘Magi’ in me, as well as the ‘Margaret’, in me. There is this fun crazy side that if someone calls and the opportunity sounds good enough, I am in, even if it is a Monday and then there is this part of me that is the don’t mess with me I am working. I suppose my greatest challenge is finding the median between the high I (fun and creative side) and the high D (dominant and intense side).

In creating what is next for you, it is a good idea to complete what was last for you, what worked, what didn’t; doing this exercise and being 100% responsible for what you accomplished and what you didn’t you’ll experience freedom, joy and power.

For me 2007 was a year that I had too many goals, of too much magnitude and my reaction to attaining those goals had me flailing more than sailing through my 43rd year. Lesson 1 learned.

Not having a coach that was on board with my goals and who was checking in with me on the attainment of those goals is my Lesson number 2. I chose a coach that would help me access things other than business goals and in the process I allowed myself to get sidetracked.

Lesson 3 –Create a purpose worth giving your life for. Through thick and thin, and there has been a lot of both this year it is my core purpose that has continued to ground me during those tough times. Work, Play, Lead and follow with authentic Shared Values.

Lesson 4 – Surround yourself with people who share your core values. Every time I have compromised myself and what is important to me, the consequences have been disastrous.

Whether it is hiring that one person who I shouldn’t have, giving someone far too many extra chances after they have already proven they can not do the job, waiving a process for that perfect candidate or not holding my ground for the retainer I wanted, or even going on a third date when one was surely enough, it always comes back to me in the form of a “wakeup call” to shore me back to who I really am and what is really important to me.

To be great in the recruiting business or even good, we have to have a solid combination of instinct and logic and on those tough days when nothing seems to be going right it is easy to enter into the gruesome world of self doubt and lesson 4 for me is to stay home on those days, make no important decisions and get coaching immediately. With 22 years in this business and consistently earning at the top of my game, mostly what my common sense and instinct tells me is right, so compromising either just doesn’t work.

My lessons are my lessons, what are yours? Take a day, a half of a day at least and complete 2007, acknowledge what worked –have a martini to celebrate, acknowledge what didn’t work –deal with why and share that with the person in the mirror or your coach, therapist or your mom. Then set a theme for the year – what will you say about the year when it is complete? What are to be celebrating on December 31, 2008? Next set a theme for each area of life that is important to you: firm, fitness, family, friends, finances, etc, then set 1-2 goals in each of those areas. Next, set in advance a structure for accountability because a goal with no status check point is simply a pipedream. Lastly, find a coach who you trust, respect, and who shares your values and then be vulnerable enough to hear them when they coach you.

Here is to a wonderful 2008!


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