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KeenHire Press Release Announcing KeenView

KeenHire to Launch KeenView™ Behavioral Interviewing & Selection Software at Upcoming HR Technology Conference & Expo

First software solution designed to improve recruitment & selection and eliminate bad hires in high tech sales, engineering and leadership positions

Chicago, IL – September 12, 2008 – KeenHire, a full service talent management solutions firm announced today that it will debut its behavioral interviewing & selection software solution at the upcoming HR Technology Conference & Expo in October put on by Human Resource Executive magazine. The product has also been entered into the Annual Top Human Resource Products contest.

KeenView is a proprietary, web-based software solution for human resource executives, hiring authorities and executive recruiters in the high tech industry. The system employs job benchmarks, scientifically proven assessments, and behavioral interviewing and selection best practices that reduce the time, cost and negative impacts of making a bad hire. The solution ensures that high tech sales, engineering and leadership jobs, as well as the ideal candidates, are well defined – diving deep to include not just the required skills and experience, but also values, behaviors and cognitive abilities that must be present in the right candidate.

Last year, employment turnover cost the U.S. economy a trillion dollars. The estimated costs of hiring the wrong person for the job run from three to seven times a person’s salary. This is especially true in high tech. Making a bad hire isn’t just an inconvenience. It can devastate an organization


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