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Jun 25, 2013

Conscious Hiring is a proven system designed to hire the right person for the right role.

It is comprised of 5 steps: Benchmarking the Role, Evaluation of Work History Analytics, Uncovering Candidates Career Triggers, Assessing Candidates DNA & 3-Dimensional Compatibility Matching.

Conscious Hiring has helped hundred of companies successfully hire and on board thousands of candidates for over a decade.

Through technology and science KeenHire has automated this process to bring our Hiring Managers the top 5 vetted, evaluated and matched candidates who best fit their job requirements within days of posting a job and submitting candidates.

Our unique methodology begins with the end in mind. Before we look at evaluating candidates we first Benchmark the role and systematically define it in terms of the over arching purpose of the role as well as the roles’ intended outcomes, i.e. required performance metrics for the job to produce the expected return on investment.

Benchmarking the role continues with effort & time focus allocation and concludes with specific selection criteria in terms of work history, career triggers, behavioral traits, motivators, work-style and competencies.

This Benchmark is fundamental to Conscious Hiring success and does require the Hiring Manager to make a one time 40 minute investment of time and in turn guarantees only the right candidates are introduced in the top 5.

Our Hiring Managers say that the initial 40 minute investment up front saves them hundreds of hours on the back end.

Hiring Managers who deploy Conscious Hiring ensure precision in their hiring decisions and elevate their personal and professional return on their workforce investments.

Candidates hired through Conscious Hiring take the job for the right reasons and are grateful for the opportunity to land a job that optimizes their strengths and natural work-style and elevates their ability to be a top performer.

Conscious Hiring reduces new hire ramp up time, improves employee morale and retention and promises stronger job performance.


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