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Is Recruitment Process In-Sourcing A Solution For You?

Does the life of your company depend on the people inside?

Are quality service, employee productivity and corporate effectiveness important to your organization’s success? Are you forced to do more with less? Have you experienced frustration and concern that your current recruitment and hiring process is not delivering people who deliver the results you need when you need it? Is your company committed to maximizing your return on your people investment? If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, Recruitment Process In-Sourcing with KeenHire Talent Management is the solution for you.

Our Premise

We partner with companies serious about thriving in today’s competitive market place by enabling them to maximizing their return on their people investment. We do this by developing and managing a recruitment, hiring and on boarding process that mitigates the risk of a mis-hire and brings forth the best-suited talent for the role and the company. Our work doesn’t stop at the offer; we work with your management team to ensure a smooth transition, effective integration and peak utilization of the new hire’s skills and talents.

Keen’s conscious-hiring process is comprised of 4 key elements

1. Understanding your corporate strategy and creating a workforce assessment and gap analysis – we tie your corporate strategy to your people strategy. 2. Conducting a deep dive performance based role analysis for each position – we validate the job needs from an outcome, behavioral, value and competency point of view. 3. Executing a lean recruitment and candidate vetting process – we save your management team time, money and resources and only submit the right match 4. Standardizing On-boarding and creating a customized new hire integration plan for each manager and their new hire – we maximize your team’s ability to leverage this new talent in the shortest possible time period

Today there are many alternative cost saving packaged and component recruitment solutions from RPO to off shore resume aggregation and on line candidate sourcing.

Imagine working with a company who brings forth the best component offerings and built a process that operates on efficiency, economies of scale and identifying the right fit (cultural, philosophical, competency, character, values), all while maximizing your ability to synthesize your new hires.

KeenHire Talent Management offers this specific solution and we have many happy customers to show it.

Candidate’s say, for the 1st time they feel listened to and cared for in the hiring process, whether they get the job or not they are better suited to go out and target the right role for them after participating in the KeenHire process. An effective recruitment and conscious-hiring process amplifies your Employee Value proposition.

Employer’s are delighted when they show up in an interview and the person sitting across from them is exactly who they said they wanted at the beginning of the project. A great process saves your people time and effort. Hiring Managers are thrilled that they are given the tools, material and guidance to get the best out of their new hire early in the employment life cycle.

KeenHire RPI – top shelf technology, efficient recruitment process, earnest employment branding, solid candidate assessment and effective new hire on-boarding. And there’s more, our highly skilled Recruitment professionals’ trained and certified in Employee Recruitment, Selection and Retention are available to work at your location or ours, it’s your choice.

We help you put the right person, in the right job, for the right period of time, for the right cost.


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