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Implementing A System to Hire: Part VI And VII

The finale on our series on smart hiring. Part I is here.

Step 6 –Choose Wisely

Matching is where the rubber meets the road in the recruiting & staffing industry. Are you submitting the candidate because they are truly a match or are they the only one left who is breathing? If you say to yourself, “Well they are all I have, “. then pick up the phone and start making MPC calls. Just don’t make it a practice to shove a round peg into a square hole.

Step 7 – Briefing the Candidate One can never under estimate the power of preparation, in your life or your candidate job search life. The candidate who is prepared in mind, body and attitude is the candidate who puts their best foot forward and whether they land the offer or not; your wisdom, coaching and partnership is not soon forgotten. I recommend having the candidate research the company well beyond their products and services. I recommend the candidate call the customer service, sales or HR department and inquire about core differentiators, competitive advantages and strategic initiatives. Additionally, I recommend the candidate take an inventory of what they have to offer and how it accomplishes the employers’ objectives for the position. I strongly believe that if the candidate prepares this in advance and brings a summarization of these matching parameters to the interview that the candidate will have everything they need both physically and mentally to close the hiring gap and nail the job offer.

As always try it on, see what fits, use it and throw away the rest!


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