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Implementing A System to Hire: Part IV and V

This is part 4 and 5 on our series on smart hiring.

Step 4 – Candidate Pre-Selection

Choose a Quick and Clean Assessment: something that will highlight the candidates’ strengths, their weaknesses, their mental acuities, and their capacities to move forward. Make certain that the assessment is validated, cost effective, has a distortion scoring and is EEOC compliant. I recommend KeenClues™, and the market is flooded with potentials. At this point, if someone looks strong, you might want to consider running a basic background scan before you invest too much time.

Step 5 –Candidate Selection

Conduct comprehensivsive live (or phone) interview. Uncover the where, whens, hows, and why of your candidates story; get a true sense of who they are, what they have accomplished, and why they are where with you right now. Then ask them where they want to go. It is your job to fully comprehend where they are, what they can do and where they want to go. If the deal breaks down, it is typically because you didn’t cover these basics.

Once you have determined this candidate is acceptable and you are clear that that they are a key contributor for your market niche, it is a good idea to dig a little deeper and qualify them for your specific client need. Doing this means taking a look under the hood and further inquiring into their behaviors, values and capacities.


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