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Implementing A System to Hire: Part III

This is the third in our series on smart hiring.

Step 3 –Creating Buy In

AFTER you know the candidate is a VIABLE target and they are WORTH your time; pull out their passions and their buying signs and create VISION for the candidates’ future well beyond the job, create a reason for them to CHOOSE you as their career partner.

*Keep in mind, if your opportunity is NOT something that is inspiring and worth your candidates’ time – NOW is the time to say so, and if your upfront – Your credibility will soar.

Great people want to know there is a selection process – just like athletes want to know they have to train to compete – don’t listen to the story that great people are too great to test or follow an internal hiring process – that is an OLD worn out story – it is a tough business and if they can not make it through a stringent selection process they are doomed…watch for their energy level after each phase, and remember Always Be Selling the ones’ that are worth it.

It’s time to WEED and SEED. Save your voice, save your energy, save your tenacity for those who warrant your attention, your time and your gifts.

It is your job to INFLUENCE the STRONG ONES on the Opportunity, the Income potential, and the other things your ideal candidate will be turned on by; it is your job to INFLUENCE the candidate in partnering with you, in surrendering to your counsel and to follow your process (be enrolling –cause a new possibility for the candidate that moves touches and inspires them – a possibility bigger than the interview and bigger than the check).

Can you TELL that I’m EXCITED about this STEP?


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